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[S5E11] Outside Looking In

The discovery is interrupted by the Browns and a group of rough looking men. They come asking Jamie to join their newly formed Committee of Safety to help protect colonists. Jamie isn't so hot on the idea, and Ian is irritated at the men for accusing local tribes for the string of burnt cabins and deaths. Claire treats Lionel for an infected wound on his leg, and they warily send the Browns away promising to think about their request.

[S5E11] Outside Looking In

The next morning Claire is examining something through her microscope and shares it with Jamie. He marvels at the "germs" and their handsomely thrashing tails, while Claire giggles and tells him he's looking at his sperm, which she woke up in custody of. We needed this scene, why?

Rory, who had been actively avoiding Christopher all season, finally makes up with him after hearing about Straub's death. When he initially shows up at her dorm room and tries to take her out to breakfast, she brushes him off. He reemerges outside of her philosophy classroom, holding coffee, and finally tells her why he's being so persistent: Christopher's dad is sick, which has made him think deeper about his relationship with Rory. Although it has been contentious in the past, he doesn't want it to be that way going forward. Rory stares at him blankly as he hands over the coffee and walks off sadly.

The best part of this episode is Emily and Richard's brief foray into animal friendship. When a dog (later known as Princess) shows up outside of the house, the elder Gilmores band together to decide the best way to reunite her with her family. While they sit near the dog, feed her, and have lengthy conversations about how she likes her blanket arranged, neither Gilmore ever touches her. These WASPs are so tightly wound that they can't even pet a damn dog. After looking up her breed on (don't visit this website unless you want a virus), they conclude that she's a longhaired Jack Russell terrier.

For Peggy (Elisabeth Moss), more money also means the possibility of more respect, and more freedom with another agency. Despite all the work she's done over the years and how far she's come, Peggy is just always going to be the girl on the outside looking in. While the men are at the table searching for a way to convey the message that Jaguar is the other woman, she's on the other side of the glass, pitching laxatives while Don and the boys are treated to lobster. And after she successfully pitches an idea on the fly to Chevalier Blanc, Don gives it to Ginsberg because it's his account. When Peggy complains, Don throws money in her face, accusing her of only wanting to go to Paris.

Over the past few weeks, matters have seemed to simmer down on The Walking Dead after a rampage of loss for the beloved group. Recapping, at the end of Them, Sasha and Maggie were coming to terms with everything and are approached by new character Aaron. While Aaron seems rather unassuming when introduced to the group, everyone cannot help but wonder what his angle is and what he wants with them. Right after revealing himself, Aaron tells the group of a safe haven nearby in The Distance, but with their recent encounter with Terminus, Rick is on guard and extremely skeptical. Taking every precaution, the group strip Aaron of his weapons and possessions and seek out whether or not he is telling the truth. Slowly, every piece of his story checks out, including the one other person who was a check point for them, Eric. While Rick and Michonne seem to be on different ends of the spectrum on whether to trust Aaron or not, it seems at this point the group will take the risk having been on the road as long as they have. It seems clear that this offer sounds too good to pass up, and soon enough, they find themselves at the gate of Alexandria. Extremely withdrawn of hope, the moment Rick hears the sound of children outside the gates of Alexandria is, not only beautiful, but a moment viewers could take to exhale.

RuPaul turns serious, and tells Alaska, "You've been criticized for being a little rough around the edges." Has Ru been watching a different show than me? Because if my memory serves, Alaska got raked over the coals mid-season for being too polished-one-note, and correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't we eight challenges into the season, when she hit the runway in that "Red: For Filth" look, that she was rewarded for finally looking a little rougher? Whatever, maybe RuPaul is confusing Alaska's critiques with somebody from last season.

I really enjoyed Detox over the course of Season Five, and though she didn't have the season she wanted to have, you must give her credit: Detox's 80% is better than most queens' 110%. I'm already looking forward to seeing her on All-Stars!

I think it takes great talent and restraint to manage creativity within predetermined boundaries. So I don't think the ball/realness challenges are completely irrelevant outside of the ball scene, I just think they test another aspect of the art of drag.

Great recap as always! Reading your recaps is like an important part of the show each week now - watch the show, watch Untucked, read your recap, wash, rinse, repeat.Reading the recap and thinking over everything (and looking at the outfits) made me realise that I didn't really enjoy this week's episode that much. I have only watched it once (and that in a jumbled order) and I haven't gone back and watched it again because I just wasn't that into it. There was (obviously) a lot of nastiness going on which I didn't enjoy, the Sugar Babies thing was pointless - I know it was more of a throw-in to make things difficult for our queens but I wish it could've been a better throw-in.And my other problem is, as other commenters have kind of said, the outfits just aren't that great either. When I watched the show I felt sure that Alaska deserved to win but looking at the pics I'm kind of wondering if my feelings about Roxxxy's behaviour were clouding things a bit? Looking again, I'm not sure whether Roxxxy's outfits weren't (slightly) better just because Alaska's were a tad... boring. And I say that as a Jinkx/Alaska fan. I do think Alaska's looks were more 'real' but is real what we want from sexy, sexy drag queens? Roxxxy's looks are more interesting than Alaska's. I am thankful Roxxxy didn't win though, she'd be unbearable next week and it'd make it harder for them not to crown her.I kind of wish the episode had either made more of a thing out of Sugar Babies and dropped the Executive Realness/Sweet 16 looks OR dropped Sugar Babies and required more creativity/craftsmanship out of the three looks.When it comes to the winner, I agree that it would be pretttty surprising if Roxxxy were to be crowned given the edit she's received. I'm a big fan of both Jinkx and Alaska so I'm going to be happy as long as one of them win. I do think if Alaska were to win it would be kind of coming from behind (teehee) though. Alaska may have won the most recent challenge (and never lip-synced) but she has still had more 'low's than Jinkx and fewer 'high's than Roxxxy.

A high-level Pentagon representative who was helping Roman with mainstreaming warns the Authority that the government knows vampires are responsible for the attacks on Tru Blood factories. They also know that Russell Edgington is alive, and they have him on video attacking humans with Steve Newlin. Cut it out, or else. Eric snaps his neck, and uses the opportunity to suggest that he and Nora leave headquarters and try to modify the memories of the people who've seen the video. Once outside headquarters, he and Nora escape from their guards and disappear.

Pam grudgingly agrees to hide Jessica from the guards she expects Bill to send after her. However, it turns out that Sheriff Elijah, whom Tara killed in the last episode, is the progeny of Authority chancellor Roslyn. When Roslyn shows up looking for his murderer, Pam takes the fall for Tara and is brought back to headquarters in silver handcuffs. Roslyn also drags Jessica back to Bill.

Amy Julia (15m 50s):And yeah, I, I wondered whether in looking back at the book, it would feel kind of like reading a diary of like something that happened a while ago and or if it was still going to be thought provoking and relevant right now. And it felt very thought provoking and relevant right now as I read through.

Amy Julia (29m 40s):Maybe the individual, the collective are not needing to be pitted against each other. You know, those types of at least questions and explorations in various different venues. I just was noticing that as I was looking back through all these essays, that there really was a sense of trying to look for another way through, rather than our divided polls that, you know, seem to be continuing, but nevertheless, like trying to create a different space.

Kira goes to see what is left of Fala's body, as Odo reports that her death was caused by a remat detonator which she had unknowingly been carrying. Although the device is typically used by the Romulans, its availability on the black market does nothing to shed any light on who is responsible. This confirms for Kira that someone is targeting the members of the Shakaar cell, revealing that although Fala wasn't officially part of the cell, she passed information to them for years while working as a cleaner in a Cardassian records office in Dahkur Province. She also notes that Fala was constantly terrified of getting caught and executed, but never stopped helping the cell and for that, Kira considered her to be braver than any of the Shakaar's members because she lived with her fear every day. Even after the Occupation was over, she didn't want anyone to know that she was secretly helping the Shakarr cell as she was worried that someone would come looking for her for revenge.

Prin goes on to explain that he was a Cardassian civilian at the time of the Occupation, and he was burned and terribly disfigured by a bomb used to assassinate Gul Pirak, who had executed fifteen Bajoran farmers for refusing to display the Cardassian banner outside their homes. Fala had shown the Resistance how to circumvent his defense system, Latha built the bomb, and the device was planted on a window by Kira herself while Lupaza and Furel stood guard. The bomb was much more powerful than necessary to kill only its target, and the resulting explosion claimed twelve lives in total, including Gul Pirak's entire family, and crippled twenty-three others who were servants in Pirak's home, including Prin, who merely laundered Pirak's clothes. Prin has clearly grown more than a little insane since the attack: he continues his long monologues about darkness and light and explains that he was cautious in his murders to not hurt innocent bystanders, as he could have killed all the vedaks in the temple, Dax and Worf while aboard the runabout or half the people aboard Deep Space 9. Therefore, he logically intends to cut out Kira's baby, killing her and "saving" the child from being "corrupted by [her] darkness", so he can "raise it in the light". Prin feels that Kira is a murderer because she killed Cardassian civilians on Bajor along with soldiers and feels no regret for her actions. Kira responds by saying that the Cardassians had no right to be on Bajor in the first place, and for fifty years, they stole food from the land while enslaving, torturing, and killing its people for profit and pleasure. Therefore all the Cardassians, from soldiers to civilians, were equally guilty and all were legitimate targets. 041b061a72

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