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Plunderer Episode 3

Episode 1 and 2 gives the basic introduction to the protagonist of the story Licht and Hina with a little bit information about the fanatasy world the story is based on. Episode 3 continued from where episode 2 ended with Licht travelling away from Hina.

Plunderer Episode 3

This episode acts like introduction to lynn and emphasising more on goofy nature and careless nature of licht. Episode 3 has some pretty funny scenes as when lynn is forced to date licht to help him out of his loneliness. The situation turns into laughable scenes as licht continue revealing his pervy nature.

Funimation acquired the series for distribution, and streamed the series on FunimationNow in English speaking regions,[3] and on AnimeLab in Australia and New Zealand.[4] Funimation premiered the first two episodes of the series on YouTube in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on December 8, 2019.[5] 041b061a72

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