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Buy Movie Tickets Online Cinemark

Fortunately, lower prices and movie quality are not related when it comes to Cinemark. Especially one you factor in the numerous charity events, loyalty programs, and instant access to online movie ticket purchasing and all the amenities and conveniences for its patrons are there.

buy movie tickets online cinemark

Need to do something on a Tuesday? Search no more because there is Discount Tuesdays. Discount Tuesdays apply to all Cinemark guests. You can do this by purchasing a ticket online or in the box office. However, discount Tuesdays do not apply if the movie first released on that Tuesday or for movies that fall on a holiday on a Tuesday. At the Dallas location, it is typically $5.50 for regular showings.

Redeeming your movie ticket online is easy! First, go to, select the movie you want to see, select where you want to sit and add a ticket to your cart. This should activate the payment screen, which appears as a bar on the right side of the page.

Note: While all of the tickets in our current inventory are redeemable online, some tickets given out in the past lack the PIN information necessary for online redemption (see picture above). Tickets without a PIN are redeemable at the box office only. If you have a ticket without a PIN but would like to redeem online rather than at the box office, reach out to Donor Relations at 650-736-7786 or and we will happily swap your ticket by mail for one with a PIN.

For frequent moviegoers, MoviePass was a godsend: For $10 a month, the service offered virtually unlimited tickets at a wide array of theaters, potentially saving the most dedicated cinephiles hundreds. But it proved too good to be true when the service shut down in the fall after a slow death. Luckily, MoviePass showed exhibitors there was abundant appetite for bringing the subscription model to cinemas.

But while indicating Cinemark was getting more creative about how it charged for movie tickets by factoring in the time of day and day of the week, Thomas did not reveal during the investor conference appearance whether her chain has experimented with variable pricing, where the ticket cost changes depending upon the movie.

Going to the movies is a quintessential pastime. Yet as ticket prices continue to skyrocket, it becomes less and less affordable to go on a whim, especially for anyone on a budget or who needs to factor in children's tickets or babysitter fees for a date night out. Average ticket prices are north of $9 per ticket which adds up quickly when you're heading to the movies with friends or family.

In June 2018, AMC launched its own monthly movie subscription program as a direct competitive move against the popular cinema startup, MoviePass. MoviePass isn't active at the moment (she's on a break), but AMC's Stubs A-List program offers members three tickets per week for a monthly fee of $23.95 (plus tax), resetting each week on Friday morning.

A-List members can use those three weekly tickets to see flicks in any format, including IMAX, 3D or Dolby Digital. They can also make advance reservations online and via the AMC app for free, according to the AMC FAQs page for A-List.

Lastly, the program states that A-List movie reservations can be made any time after movie tickets go on sale, although members may not have more than 3 reservations at any time, regardless of whether the showtimes fall within the same week. Keep in mind members also will not be able to make a reservation if the start of that movie begins before the previous movie ends. Tickets purchased through A-List are only intended to be used by the account holder, and AMC claims it will check for a valid photo ID at the theatre for all A-List reservations.

The Alamo Drafthouse is a regional, beloved theater chain with nearly 30 locations primarily in its home state of Texas, although the chain is rapidly expanding across the nation. This is one of my favorite cinematic venues of all time, and I pretty much won't watch a movie in Austin unless it's screened at an Alamo Drafthouse. The chain has its own movie app and loyalty program called Alamo Victory, which offers e-tickets and allows members to view up to three free movies a year. You can also accumulate "Victory Rewards" toward free movies, food, events and special screenings with the program.

This nationwide movie theater chain, which is the largest in the world, offers two tiers within its rewards program, called AMC Stubs. Registration is available both online as well as at the box office. The free version is called AMC Stubs Insider, and offers one complimentary popcorn refill per visit, as well as special savings on movie tickets every Tuesday (the discount varies by location).

Furthermore, members earn 20 points for every $1 spent at the box office and concession stand, and get $5 off 5,000 accumulated points. AMC Stubs Insiders also get a free large popcorn on their birthday, the option to refill a large popcorn free of charge every time they visit a theater, as well as waived online ticketing fees when purchasing four or more tickets. Insiders also receive access to exclusive offers and invitations to special screenings.

The AMC Stubs Premiere membership costs $15/year, but comes with additional perks. Premiere members will also receive a complimentary popcorn refill for each visit and savings on Tuesday movie tickets. But Premiere members will earn 100 points for every $1 spent at the box office and concession stand, which means paid members only need to spend $50 to get $5 off 5,000 accumulated points. Premiere members celebrating their birthdays will also receive a free large popcorn and large soft drink, waived online ticket fees and other exclusive offers.

Cinemark's paid loyalty program option, called Cinemark Movie Club, is more extensive. For a price of $8.99 per month, you'll get one free ticket to any 2D movie every month, and unused tickets will roll over to the following months. You'll also get 20% off concessions, waived online fees and the ability to buy a second ticket for a companion for the same $8.99 cost when you're redeeming your own free monthly ticket. Finally, in addition to the perks above, you'll earn Connections points on all Cinemark purchases as well, essentially stacking the benefits of the two programs together.

The Regal Crown Club is a great option for moviegoers whose cinema of choice is a Regal theater, especially since Regal is the second-largest movie theater chain in the US. The free program allows members to earn 100 points per dollar spent at the box office, with no limit on earning potential. The Crown Jewel bonus program offers accelerated points-earning potential for frequent moviegoers, tiered at Emerald (6+ visits per year), Ruby (10+ visits per year), or Diamond (20+ visits per year). Credits can be redeemed for free popcorn, drinks, or additional movie tickets.

If Fandango is your choice for movie ticket purchases, make sure you sign up for Fandango VIP, the company's free rewards program. You'll earn 125 VIP+ points for every ticket you buy, and every time you earn 500 points, you'll get a $5 reward to use for discounts on Fandango tickets, FanShop movie gear or streaming movies on FandangoNOW. The one downside is that you only have 21 days to use your $5 reward once you've earned it.

Fandango also has a nifty new partnership with Mastercard. Now, World Elite cardholders will be able to earn double Fandango VIP+ points for the movie tickets they buy. This means cardholders will get 500 Fandango VIP+ points (worth $5) for every two movie tickets they purchase via the Fandango app or

Head on over here to the Cinemark site and you can purchase, and select your movie tickets online. You can buy all the movie tickets in advance and then all you have to do is bring your ticket on your phone or printed with you to the theater.

To save even more money, I buy discounted Movie Theater gift cards at and then use those to pay for our movie tickets. is my FAVORITE place to score discounts on Gift Cards!

Admission is $5.25 on Tuesdays; to qualify register for free Movie Fan membership at The Cinemark Movie Club, $9.99 per month, includes one free movie admission each month (with rollover), no online fees for ticket purchasing, and a 20-percent discount on concessions (not including alcohol).

Fandango is an online, centralized hub where you can find movie times and buy movie tickets in your local areas. The company works with a long list of theaters nationwide to offer constantly updated showtimes, online ticket purchasing, promotions and special offers, and more.

AMC Stubs is a membership reward program exclusive to AMC Theatres. Most theater chains offer some kind of member reward program, such as the Regal Crown Club and Cinemark Connections, but AMC Stubs is the only major program that allows members to waive the convenience fee when purchasing tickets online.

There are several coupon sharing websites that offer online coupons and promo codes for use at thousands of stores, retailers, restaurants, and more. These websites sometimes have Fandango coupons for waived convenience fees and other offers such as discounted movie tickets and free tickets with signups to other offers.

If you prefer not to use Fandango but still want to buy tickets online, there are some other options available. A few major theater chains provide online ticket purchasing directly from their websites. They also charge per-ticket convenience fees, but in some cases, you can have the fees waived.

After placing your order online you will receive 2 Emails (within 24 hours): a Confirmation Email containing the order details of your purchase and a second email containing a Printable PDF of your Cinemark Theatres Platinum e-Supersaver Ticket.Redemption Options: Option 1: Print & present original e-Supersaver Ticket at the box office located in the theatre. e-Supersaver Ticket contains a unique barcode valid for ONE ENTRY ONLY (1) to the theatre. e-Supersaver Ticket becomes INVALID once scanned and may not be re-used. Option 2: Online Redemption at To redeem, enter both ticket number and PIN number at checkout. e-Supersaver Ticket contains a unique barcode and PIN number valid for ONE USE ONLY (1). e-Supersaver Ticket becomes INVALID once redeemed online and may not be re-used. Online refunds are not permitted.Option 3 - App: Convenience fees may apply. In the app, select your movie, date, and time. Next, enter the amount of tickets you would like to purchase and then select "Add Tickets To Cart." When you get to the checkout page and are prompted to add your payment information to complete the purchase, scroll down to the "Cinemark Supersaver" section near the bottom, but above the "Complete Purchase" button. Enter in the Supersaver Code and Supersaver Pin. Hit "Apply Code" to redeem. 041b061a72

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