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Where To Buy Beet Hummus |LINK|

After my first go with beets last month for my fudgy beet cupcakes, I had a couple of extra roasted beets I was hungry to use up in my fridge. I was also making a batch of hummus that week. Clearly the solution was beet hummus.

where to buy beet hummus

I was a bit afraid of taking my first bite, now knowing it the beet would be too overpowering or altogether gross. But it was stupid delicious. The lemon, garlic and olive oil helped temper the flavor of the beet perfectly.

Hi Anne, for this recipe you will only need one lemon. You can zest the outside of the lemon and then use the juice of half of it. You will add the juice of the lemon and the zest of the lemon to the hummus. Hope this helps!

This was a huge hit as a Thanksgiving appetizer. Beware not to add more than one beet. No you are not making it healthier, it will be inedible. I was concerned it was too beety with the two beets I added but luckily it marinated over night and it turned out good. Second time I made it, I used one beet that was out of a jar. No need to actually roast your own.

This recipe is outstanding. It has way more flavor and freshness than grocery store hummus. I make a double batch once a month. It has single-handedly convinced me to subscribe to the minimalist baker newsletter!

Delicious!!! I roasted the beet one day prior, quick to make after that. I added 1 more garlic clove and eyeballed the olive oil. I served it with crackers, carrots, cucumbers and celery sticks. This a definite keeper, thank you for this healthy, super delicious recipe.

Hi Mamie, sorry for the confusion. The roasted beet instructions are in instructions 1-2 of the chocolate cupcakes: Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C), remove the stem and most of the root from your beets, and scrub and wash them underwater until clean.Wrap beet(s) in foil, drizzle on a bit of olive or avocado oil, wrap tightly, and roast for one hour or until a knife inserted falls out without resistance. They should be tender. Set in the fridge (in a bowl to catch juice) to cool to room temperature.

This hummus is the best and my entire family begs me to make it for the holiday gatherings. I like extra garlic and roast a few cloves with the beets in a cast iron with olive oil. Another trick I picked up was completely draining the chickpeas and using veggie broth as a back up liquid. Thank you minimalist baker! You never fail!!!!

Delicious! EASY (once you have a roasted beet). I adjusted the seasonings by adding 2x the salt and pepper and 2x the garlic. FOR ALL YOU AIR FRYERS: I roasted the beet tightly wrapped in foil, drizzled with olive oil in the air fryer at 375º for just under 30 minutes and it was perfect! I needed to add a little more olive oil and a splash of water, but this is likely because the garbanzos/chick peas dried out and drained too much. I scraped down the sides of the food processor several times. I cut up Persian cucumbers, carrots, celery and served with 2 kinds of olives, lemon wedges, and gluten free seeded crackers.

Another wonderful recipe from Minimalist Baker! Thank you so much. I know I can always find a well crafted recipe on your site. This beet hummus is just fantastic. Beautiful, delicious and nutritious. The holy trinity. My family is addicted to both beets and hummus so this is perfect for us. thanks!

The prettiest dip ever! I made this with no salt added garbanzos and omitted the salt in the recipe (low sodium diet). Love the added lemon peel for a citrus pop. My husband likes beets but not hummus. I made him taste it and even he likes it. This is definitely going to appear at my next party!

Stoked on hummus?!?! I got ya! Check out all my hummus-licious varieties: carrot hummus, butternut squash hummus, black tahini hummus, easy 7 layer hummus dip, hummus with spiced lamb and last def not least, plain (aka original) hummus.

So honored and stoked to hear you made my recipe for your very first hummus :)! The beets in the images were roasted - some of the color leaks into the cooking liquid + they loose a little when boiled. If you want a darker color, add more boiled beets or try roasted ones :). Really appreciate the feedback!

Hi Carolyn - roasting the beet either whole or in pieces both work! You can try roasting it whole, wrapped in aluminum foil, at 400 degrees fahrenheit, for about an hour or until a for easily pierces through it. Stoked to hear your making this hummus + please lemme know how it goes :)!

Oh my gosh, this hummus is GORGEOUS and I love how you demonstrate how to decorate it in different ways. I would probably go for the chopped pistachios as I LOVE pistachios and always have some on hand!

Yep they are def easy to peel once cooled! And I also appreciate how well they keep in the fridge! I often roast my beets in advance. It's my practice to wrap them but I'll def try not wrapping them in the future... thanks so much for sharing Pam!

Thank you Daniela -- this looks wonderful.1.) What would be the volume/weight of dried garbanzo beans to use instead of a can?2.) Would you provide the Nutrition Counts for this please?3.) Can this recipe be frozen, or canned?4.) Can roasted beets by themselves be frozen for future use?Thanks again:)Mae.

Thanks so much Mae! Super stoked to hear you're making this :).1. 1 15-ounce can of beans can be swapped for 3/4 cup of dried. It's on the post!2) Sure! Have ya looked this up online? It's not my practice to include nutrition count in my recipes.3 +4 ) It's not my practice to freeze my hummus or beets but def feel free to go ahead! Lemme know how it goes :).Excited for all your cooking adventures and keep making waves in the kitchen!

Hello! So gorgeous! Wondering though- I just tried this and my hummus is pinkish reddish not this amazing fuchsia color. Is your photo taken with a filter or wondering how yours is more purple. Love it tho!

I am so super stoked, honored and flattered by your sweet feedback! Thank ya so much! Love that this has become a constant snack in your home and that you've found the perfect garlic/beet/no tahini combo that works for ya :)!

Beets are one of my husband's favorite veggies and something I have not been able to eat, until now!This is my first time making hummus and stumbled across your site. Not only is this super easy to make, it is absolutely delish!! (Side note: I did not have tahini, so we substituted with organic peanut butter.) Will definitely be making again. Thanks for sharing!

So stoked and honored to hear that my beet hummus recipe was the very first hummus recipe ya made! How was it with peanut butter :)? Thanks so much for taking the time to share this sweet feedback I really appreciate it!

Full disclosure--I've attended one of Daniela's dinner parties, so I was excited to make this recipe... and disappointed when it turned out tasty but a meh color. Here's where I went wrong: I'd used roasted beets BUT the "love beets" roasted beets that are vacuum packed and available from your grocery store. They look just like home-roasted beets, but evidently they just don't have the purple power. I used up an entire bag and got a bland pink color. So the next time I made the hummus, I used a big fresh beet, roasted until soft, and peeled. Tossed it in with the garbanzos, and shazam! I had delicious tasting and delicious looking magenta hummus. Thanks for sharing, Daniela!

Absolute pleasure Anne-Christine + so super stoked to hear ya made it! Yep I *always* recommend roasting your own beets :). Not too much work and much better than the pre-roasted vacuum sealed kind! Hope everything is wonderful in your world + xxx!

I saw beet hummus on a menu but didn't end up going to the restaurant, but wanted to try making it myself and found your recipe. I don't like tahini so skipped that and added a little more oil oil and a little water. It turned out every bit as delicious as I thought it would!! Definitely a keeper in my party rotation!Laura

I just roasted the beets from my garden and my daughter called asking if I would make some beet hummus for her son! Of course I will!! Excited to try it. I love making things from scratch as well, but found a hummus recipe that says to simmer the drained can of chickpeas in water and a 1/2 tsp. of baking soda until they swell up. I make the hummus super smooth and creamy!

If your hummus is too thick or appears dry without the tahini, try thinning it out with water. Some people who are allergic to sesame use nut butter (such as sunflower seed butter or peanut butter) as a substitute, but I recommend adding a little at a time, to make sure you like the flavor.

Homemade hummus will stay fresh for 3-5 days in the fridge. The less garlic or lemon juice you use, the longer the hummus will stay fresh. I think that they add so much flavor though, so I recommend using them anyway.

I just used one beet, because I wanted to see how strong their taste would be, and it already gave the hummus that beautiful colour! I wasn't the biggest hummus fan, but homemade just tastes so much better. Thank you for this recipe, I love it!

This was absolutely delicious. I used canned baby beet roots as I did not have time to roast fresh ones. I also eliminated the Tahini because I did not have it on hand. I eliminated the water because the canned beet roots had a lot of water within the beetroot itself even after they were drained.

Watched your channel for a couple years now, admiring the beautiful display of colourful foods. Tried this one out and it was great. I only ended up using half the amount of beet, but the colour was still amazing. Thanks :)

This dish is so beautiful and delicious! A nice twist on classic hummus. I'd been wanting to make a beetroot hummus for a while and for some reason was intimidated by working with the beets, but the PUL recipe made each step super approachable and easy. Just wanna add that I was low on garbanzo beans but I had kidney beans on hand and, color-wise, that worked really well, too! 041b061a72

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