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Chalet Girl ##VERIFIED##

When she and her father need more money to pay the bills, Kim goes looking for a job with better pay. Her friend recommends a job called a "chalet girl", working in the Alps for rich clients. She is initially turned down, but Kim is accepted for the job at the last minute as the current chalet girl broke her leg. Another chalet girl, Georgie (Tamsin Egerton), is sent to help Kim out. The two initially don't like each other, as Kim is anything but posh or glamorous. She can't ski or snowboard as she has never been to the Alps. Kim is instantly attracted to Jonny (Ed Westwick) the rich son of Richard (Bill Nighy) and Caroline (Brooke Shields), although Jonny is in a relationship with another woman, Chloe (Sophia Bush).

Chalet Girl

Kim and Jonny become closer and after a business trip to the chalet he decides to stay behind, presumably to spend more time with Kim. Jonny offers to pay her to teach him how to snowboard, which brings them closer and after a day in the snow they kiss briefly and end up having sex. An onlooker, Bernhard (Gregor Bloéb), had spotted them earlier and had alerted Jonny's mother, Caroline. The morning after their one-night stand, Caroline catches them and mentions that Jonny is engaged to Chloe. Kim packs her things, leaving the house upset and angry that Jonny lied to her.

Chalet Girl was filmed on location in Sankt Anton am Arlberg, in Tyrol, western Austria over the course of two months.[7] Actor Ed Westwick went into filming as an already accomplished skier, having skied since the age of 12,[6] but wasn't trained on the snowboard, only ever having had one lesson.[11] Felicity Jones had only previously been on dry ski slopes as a child, and had never previously been on a snowboard. She trained for six hours a day for four weeks in order to become proficient enough to film. "I wanted to do as much of the groundwork on the board that Kim does as possible, hence the rigorous training. So, then towards the end I was able to do tiny little jumps."[4] Jones also experienced life as a real chalet girl with staff at Flexiski.[7] Tamsin Egerton signed on having had no experience on the slopes, and spent time with a trainer. Although she became "hooked" on skiing, in the final cut of the film she isn't actually seen skiing but can be seen on the blooper reel falling over on the slopes.[8] Filming had to be stopped at one point, as the mountain had to be evacuated due to a snow storm. The village scenes were filmed in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in southern Germany, including using the interior of a German log cabin to double for a house in west London.[7] The break-up scene was filmed in the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl on the outskirts of Garmisch.

Other critics gave the film positive reviews, such as Tim Robey of The Telegraph, who gave the film three stars, describing Ed Westwick as "goofy", but praised the performance of Bill Bailey as "lovably hopeless".[17] Time Out reviewer Dave Calhoun also gave it three stars, describing it as "loud, silly and surprisingly fun", and "corny and proud of it".[18] The same star rating was given by Total Film, where Matthew Leyland described the production values as "tatty", but Felicity Jones as a "natural, likeable everygirl".[19] The Mirror gave the film four stars, Mark Adams saying that the film was a "fun-packed affair"[20] and when writing for Screen Daily saying "it is enjoyable entertainment with no real cinematic pretentions"; he laid particular praise on Felicity Jones saying that it confirms her qualities as a leading lady.[21] Sophie Ivan for Film4 compared Chalet Girl to those from Working Title Films, saying that it was the first British comedy since then that "won't make you want to stick pins in your eyes", and gave three and a half stars.[22]

So please take a look at this new video we made for them with footage from on Set, in the movie and from the UK premiere where the band played for crowds as they watched the red carpet and screaming girls fought to get a picture with Ed!

Ed Westwick played the other lead role in Chalet Girl. He was the rich and handsome Johnny and we never found out what he actually did for a job. Maybe it was just being rich and sleeping with chalet girls?

Hogg joined a handful of Facebook groups advertising seasonal work. In one group, she found a job listing for a chalet host. Also referred to as chalet girls, ski properties hire hosts, who are typically women according to The Guardian, to serve food, tidy rooms, and clean up after guests.

Then in 2011, the US movie "Chalet Girl" debuted and popularized the role, Snowplaza reported. In the movie, Felicity Jones plays a skateboarder who winds up moving to a ritzy ski resort where she works as a chalet girl and falls in love with a guest, Hogg explained.

Guests, who would often arrive on private jets on Courchevel 1850's tiny airstrip, would typically stay in the chalet for a week. A week at the chalet would cost between $83,000 and $104,000, Hogg said, adding that this didn't include tips, the cost of skiing, or other activities.

Hogg's home for six months was a small chalet in the village of Le Praz. Besides the chalet manager, who lived in another part of Courchevel, the rest of Hogg's team lived in the quaint home, she said.

While the guests were eating, Hogg said she would clean their bathrooms, tidy their rooms, change their sheets, and make their beds. Hogg and the other chalet host were responsible for cleaning the entire chalet and everything had to be done a certain way, she said.

In the evening, Hogg would retreat back to the chalet where guests were enjoying post-ski activities. Hogg's chalet host manager was the guest's main point of contact, and she said she was in charge of scheduling ski rentals, massages, and any other activities the guests desired.

About a month into her season, she said she made a friend who wanted to go out in 1850. Together, they headed to 1850's exclusive clubs. One connection lead to another, and "we literally ended up going to a party at this amazing chalet at 4:00 a.m. in the morning," Hogg said. "We were going and jumping in pools and jumping in Jacuzzis."

After that night, Hogg said she rarely went out in the lower villages. Instead, she said she stuck to exploring Courchevel 1850's club scene, where nights were often filled with free drinks, plenty of dancing, and invitations to private chalet parties.

Kim is cranky; Georgie is playful, and helpful in a creative way. In other words, they have kinky sex with very little justification. Who needs justification, anyway?Can pretty much be read as an original story, without ever watching the movie. The premise is as follows - a girl wants to snowboard, but can't because of constant snowfall (it's very dangerous for a number of reasons). Her sexually adventurous roommate is fed up with all the funk.

Why this sudden interest in the history of the ski movie? Because a new addition to the genre, Chalet Girl, opens on Friday. I went to a preview last month. My date was Ian Coleby, owner of the UK's largest independent ski-chalet company, Skiworld.

Although she hadn't seen it, Coleby's managing director, Diane Palumbo, had already detected a flaw in the the film's authenticity: "The sex," she explained. Her objection was that nowadays Skiworld has no chalet girls; it has "hosts". The change became necessary because male staff often outnumbered the females. The days when you could expect to be greeted in a chalet by some upper-class totty called Georgie are gone; in my experience the host is more likely to be a George, doing a season before joining the army or a merchant bank. But as it turned out, authenticity wasn't really an issue. Any connection between Chalet Girl and the normal chalet-holiday experience was only occasional and incidental.

The chalet girl in question, Kim, is a former skateboarding prodigy working in a fast-food outlet who takes a chalet job for the pay (yes, a credibility gap opens immediately). The chalet, in the Austrian resort of St Anton, is owned privately by a businessman who visits it only infrequently with his family. Kim works there with Georgie; but there is so little to do that she learns to snowboard to pass the time. She enters the Roxy Slopestyle girls' snowboarding competition for the prize money and wins it. Meanwhile she has fallen in love with the chalet-owner's son and she wins him, too.

All this will no doubt be much enjoyed by 13-year-old girls. Felicity Jones (Kim) is likeable and Ed Westwick (the chalet-owner's son) is a known heart-throb, despite his slight resemblance to a sea creature. But the movie left the two old skiers at the preview disappointed, except by the characteristically nonchalant performance of chalet owner Bill Nighy.

Coleby pointed out afterwards that "people in our chalets do a six-day week; they don't do the odd weekend". But that was our problem: unlike Nighy, we took the film seriously. We wondered how much of it was actually shot in St Anton, which looked so sensational in monochrome in White Ecstasy, 80 years ago. The resort's main Galzig lift features prominently, but when Kim arrives by train it is at the station in nearby Pettneu, not St Anton (possibly because the latter's modern station doesn't look the part). I wondered why the actress playing snowboard champion Tara Dakides was so unconvincing. It turned out that Dakides, a Roxy Slopestyle winner, played herself.

Gossip Girls Ed Westwick plays the gorgeous, charming and talented object of her affections. But there are two big problems Jonny's icy, stuck-up {girlfriend Chloe (Sophia Bush) and his scheming mother (Brooke Shields.)

The reason Chalet Girl disappoints is it simply does not spend enough time on the duck-out-of-{water story of working class girl Kim slaving away for the posh Masden family. Nor does it {explore the chalk-and-cheese relationship of Kim and Georgie enough. This could have made for a delightful comedy duet.

Kim: Let me try. You're just not sure I'm the right kind of girl for your clients. It's hard to say why exactly, but it's probably something to do with the fact that I'm not called Arabella, or Isabella, or anything-Bella. That I don't have hundred-quid highlights, perfect nails, I'm just guessing here. Expensively trimmed pubes. So even though I might be the only person with actual experience, and actual work in the actual real world, and you know I'd try really really hard, I'm just not the right kind of girl. Is that about the size of it? 041b061a72

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