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Where To Buy Good Quality Leggings

The fabric does stretch with your booty, but they passed the squat test with flying colors. I would recommend wearing either a no-show panty or a thong to avoid panty lines if you care about those, but feel free to wear any color underneath. After squatting, I took them upstairs and did a short ride on my trusty stationary bike. The leggings held up far better than I did, and the only thing that wanted to roll down was me, not my waistband.

where to buy good quality leggings

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These patterned leggings are from Wolven, a sustainable legging brand to add to the eco-friendly list. However, before I get into that, I need to share why these leggings made me make a new category just for them.

With full pockets and a happy heart, I ran through the normal tests. The leggings passed the squat test with ease, and like the other pair of Wolven leggings I reviewed, the waistband stayed in place during all sorts of movements, with no dreaded roll-down when sitting. I have zero complaints with these, except I do wish that I also ordered the Zephyr Crossover Pocket leggings too, which combine the amazing waistband that I reviewed above with the pockets on these.

These leggings surprised me in more ways than one. I had seen them all over social media and worn by celebrities and so I assumed they were super expensive and not size-friendly. Both of those assumptions were wrong and these blew me out of the water.

While the original leggings are the viral SEASUM scrunch butt pair, we wanted a more wearable and less honeycomb pair, and we found that and more with Cute Booty Lounge. I opted for one of their more basic styles, the Nudey Booty Lifestyle Crossover Booty leggings in a plain black color. They still stand out however, with an insanely cool and slimming mesh waistband and of course, the ruching in the back up the seam.

Use Case: Finally, I considered the ideal use-case scenario for each pair of leggings. I looked at fabric content, fit, durability and warmth to evaluate whether a pair of leggings was better suited for a sprint workout or a yoga class, or something in between.

Outdoor Voices SuperForm 7/8 Legging: I loved the sleek feel of these high-impact leggings, but I had to stop my workout three times to hike them up. I also noticed some friction in the crotch area and excessive wrinkling at the hip flexor area.

Athleta Elation Train 7/8 Tight: Featuring SuperSonic fabric made from recycled polyester and Lycra, these leggings were very breathable and supportive, but not as comfortable as the others. Despite consulting the size chart (and buying my regular Athleta size), they felt tight yet still sagged and chafed during a run. Consider sizing up.

Finding the best leggings for you will depend on your needs and overall fit. While none of the experts I talked to could tell me exactly what leggings would be best for me, they were able to educate me about some features to look for in a great pair.

I'm a Cincinnati-based freelance journalist, content marketing writer, copywriter, and editor focusing on health and wellness, parenting, real estate, business, education, and lifestyle. Away from the keyboard, I'm also mom to four sons under age 7, all of whom keep things chaotic, fun and interesting. For over a decade I've been helping publications and companies connect with readers and bring high-quality information and research to them in a relatable voice. I've been published in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Glamour, Shape, Today's Parent, Reader's Digest, Parents, Women's Health and Insider.

Understatement of the century: Lululemon makes great leggings. Even with the $$$ price tag, these babies are so worth it. Others have tried to duplicate their buttery soft fabric, but so far, no one has been able to replicate the cloud-like feel of a pair of Align Pants. Both hardcore athletes and leggings-as-pants people will find their next favorite pair at Lululemon.

Alo comes closest to rivaling Lululemon leggings with their super-soft, lightweight fabric. Speaking from personal experience, they're comfortable enough to sleep in and thick enough that you can roll out of bed and wear them while squatting in the gym the next morning.

No, Spanx doesn't only make undergarmets and shapewear, the brand also stocks a huge supply of fitness attire. Their leggings are some of my most-worn workout items, because they really know how to put the booty on display.

People all over the Internet swear by Aerie leggings, because of their durable make and inclusive size range. Shop leggings in sizes XXS-XXL that are thick enough to withstand workouts and workouts worth of chub rub.

These textured leggings make your butt look so good, they even have their own TikTok challenge. If you're looking for a mind-blowing booty lift in seconds, we recommend adding these to your cart ASAP.

You've probably already seen this athleisure brand all over your Instagram feed. Influencers, celebs, and fashion editors have all been living in Outdoor Voices gear, because of the comfortable, durable quality and the photo-worthy colorways.

Adidas has been making quality workout gear for decades and if you've never tried their leggings, it's time to change that. As a fitness brand, they've got everything from compression leggings, to mesh running tights, to lounging-around-the-house leggings.

Athleta is famous for their lightweight, ultra soft leggings and always-perfect fit. One of their thousands of five-star reviews said Athleta's leggings "might honestly be the best article of clothing I've ever put on my body." Enough said.

When it comes to choosing the best fabric for leggings, remember the acronym SCAR: Stretch, Compression, Airy, Retention. Look for these key words in the product details and technical aspects of the legging:

Several reviewers point to these leggings as a nearly identical dupe for Lululemon's popular $98 Align pants leggings. The nylon/spandex mix features a hidden waistband pocket for card storage, and the high-rise waistband won't dig into your skin. Reviewers agree with the "naked sensation" claim, saying that the leggings are buttery soft and stretchy, like a second skin.

Along with the big phone pocket, these $25 leggings also include a hidden inner pocket within the waistband, perfect for stashing your house keys. Reviewers rave about the four-way stretch material, saying it won't fray after a few washes. Just note some shorter users complained about the leggings being too long.

Our editors love Baleaf's bike shorts and found that the leggings were just as moisture-wicking, breathable, and wouldn't slip during a workout. Amazon reviewers compare it to other cheap brands on the site, saying that these leggings "seem a little thicker," less see-through, and won't fray after multiple washes.

This brand Just My Size is popular for making plus-size clothing, like these leggings that run up to 5XL. They're made of mostly cotton for a comfortable fit, along with spandex for stretch. "They hug every curve, yet are breathable, and they stay put when I walk or exercise," says one satisfied reviewer. Just note that while reviews agree that the leggings aren't see through, one user noted that the black wash looks more gray than black.

If one-size-fits-all never seems to work for you, Amazon brand Daily Ritual has got you covered. Beyond offering XS and XL sizes, their ponte knit leggings also have short and extra long cuts to accommodate women of different heights. Reviewers like that the leggings aren't too "clingy and showy," and can be easily tucked into ankle boots or paired with a loose tee.

Whether you're on the shorter side or simply prefer cropped, capri-style leggings, thousands of Amazon reviewers recommend Dragon Fit. The high-waist leggings feature three inner and outer pockets. Reviewers love that they aren't see-through and that they "hold the stomach area up amazingly."

Tummy control is a popular feature people search for when buying leggings, and users say these tummy control leggings are top notch because they won't lose their hold even after multiple washes. One reviewer who owns three pairs says she loves how the leggings are breathable but still manage to keep everything tucked in. She mentions that the leggings might start to fade after some washes, but they remain squat-proof anyway.

When one of our editors tried out these Leggings Depot leggings for herself, she found that they really were buttery soft like the brand claimed. They're made from a stretchy polyester-spandex blend that moves with you. Because they're thicker, they might not be your first choice for an intense workout class, but they're perfect for lounging around the house.

While most matching sweat sets run on the pricey side, this Amazon ensemble costs just as much as a single pair of leggings. Reviewers say that you should size up for the best fit. Otherwise, the set is easy to workout in and comes in various colors.

You might've heard about these "butt-sculpting" leggings on TikTok: for those who want a little lift in the back, the bubble design on these tights are said to give the illusion of a fuller butt. The leggings also feature a wide waistband for tummy control and come in several bright colors and patterns. Just keep in mind that while several reviewers admire the look of the leggings, some say they feel cheaply made and might fray after multiple washes.

GH editors report that these leggings are super comfortable, supportive and squat proof. They're made out of 88% polyester and 12% elastane, so they provide just the right amount of stretch. "The material looks and feels expensive, they have a pocket, and I love the high waist," says one reviewer. "Plus, the waist does not roll down during yoga practice."

The brand notes that its Power Flex fabric, made of nylon and spandex, is the secret to these leggings being squat proof. Amazon reviewers seem to agree across the board that the leggings are "fully opaque" and won't reveal undergarments even in the light. The leggings also features a slimming high waistband and hidden pocket for light storage. 041b061a72


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