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Buy Commercial Truck

Arrow Truck Sales provides used truck buyers with so much more than just commercial vehicles and semi-trucks for sale. We also have the ability to finance your next truck and provide protection plans and warranties that fit your specific needs.

buy commercial truck

Our online truck configurator tool allows you to build the perfect solution for your business. Start with the VNL or VNR series and choose your cab, powertrain and axle specs. Next select paint colors, interior trim level, and safety features.

A good starting point is figuring out the cost and logistics to start your own trucking business. According to The Truckers Report, the cab of a new 18-wheeler costs between $130,000 and $180,000. A trailer can cost between $30,000 and $80,000. Used vehicles will cost much less, depending on the year, model, and accessories.

Unlike going to a car dealer and having your financing right in front of you, commercial vehicle financing is different. The good news is you have several options. Consider the following when you want to finance a truck.

Not all banks make commercial truck loans. Otherwise, many truck financing companies also specialize in loans for commercial vehicles. Some offer loans of up to 100% of the vehicle value. Which eliminates the need for a hefty down payment and frees up more cash-on-hand for you.

Did you know truck condition is often a factor contributing to road accidents? Keeping your truck properly maintained is critical to your success as a commercial driver. The brand of truck you choose could affect your maintenance costs too. Research the brands that are easy to maintain and make sure you have access to a shop for that brand in your local area.

When evaluating your financing options, you should remember to factor in all of the other costs of doing business as a truck driver. Fuel, insurance, tires, tarps, tie-downs, and other regular maintenance items will be recurring costs versus fixed costs over the life of the vehicle.

Buying a commercial truck, or even leasing one, is a major investment. It will take time, but doing your homework in advance by contacting banks, leasing companies, carriers, and truck dealers will help you secure the best vehicle and financing.

Should I lease or own my commercial truck fleet? It is an important choice, but choosing to lease or own does not have to be an either-or decision. Many fleets mix both options to maximize their operations and better serve their customers.

Factors such as operation type, truck configurations, organizational preferences, routes, seasonality and financial considerations can influence fleet operators' decisions to lease or buy heavy-duty trucks. There are pros and cons to both approaches. Penske can help you decide what makes the most sense for your business.

Dalton Morris, a Finance Coordinator with Pedigree Truck and Trailer Sales, says one of the biggest mistakes first-time semi-truck buyers make is thinking the loan process will be just like getting a mortgage or personal auto loan.

This is where commercial truck leasing can be an attractive option. For example, Success Leasing lets you lease a semi-truck under the authority of Prime, Inc. That way, you can start hauling loads and earning money by agreeing to pay a weekly lease.

Interested in learning more about our inventory of trucks and trailers? Feel free to browse our selection, which includes trucks from brands like Freightliner. We also stock a variety of used semi-trailers, including flatbeds, reefers, and tankers.

A commercial truck has a myriad of uses, and the term could mean a wide variety of vehicles. As you go to search for the right option for your needs, keep some factors in consideration, including how you'll use yours and what features mean the most to you along with your budget. Whatever your decision, eBay's listings include a wealth of truck types in new to used to certified pre-owned conditions.

Not solely limited to dump trucks, emergency and fire trucks, and utility and service trucks, the category of commercial vehicles has much to offer. View the selection of options as you go to purchase everything from a commercial pickup to other heavy-duty trucks.

A commercial truck can be a wonderful addition to many business, both new and growing. Whether you need products delivered, or heavy equipment moved, a commercial truck can be beneficial to your business.

Step 1: Choose the type of commercial truck. Commercial trucks are available in all shapes and sizes, come with a wide variety of options and safety features, and can vary greatly in price.

The first thing you should do when you decide to purchase a used commercial truck, is figure out exactly what kind of truck your business needs, so you can narrow your scope as you begin searching for the best used commercial trucks.

Step 2: Check out online automotive marketplaces. There are countless online listings for used commercial trucks, allowing you to really get a feel for the market and get an idea of the asking price for a pre-owned truck.

Step 3: Check local dealers and truck rental companies. Call your local truck dealer to see if they have any used commercial trucks available and contact any local commercial truck rental companies to see if they have any used trucks that they are looking to sell.

To do this, have a reputable mobile mechanic come and take a look at the truck that you are interested in buying. They can perform a full pre-purchase inspection and safety inspection for you and determine whether the truck is in pristine condition.

Acquiring equipment, including commercial trucks, is essential for this very reason. It helps you produce more efficiently, deliver more widely, and ultimately enhances every aspect of your business model. The problem is the cost. Most equipment, especially commercial vehicles, is prohibitively expensive. Most small businesses may find it very difficult to justify this type of expense, but fortunately, there is a silver lining.

This is beneficial to the business and the economy, as more commercial activity is a hallmark of a healthy, thriving country. Amidst a global pandemic, any help the economy and businesses can get is definitely a positive

Keep all these things in mind when you decide which commercial vehicle to get for your business. The tax deductions have made the process easier than ever and with a plethora of financing options at your disposal, buying the vehicle in question is even simpler!

Using private financing companies like Dimension Funding to purchase your equipment or commercial vehicles allows you to take advantage of the IRS Section 179 deduction while also giving you the benefit of consistent monthly payments and an easy application process among others.

TxDMV issues temporary permits for private or commercial vehicles subject to Texas registration laws, but not authorized to travel on Texas highways due to the lack of registration or lack of reciprocity with the state or country in which the vehicle is registered.

TxDMV issues 72-Hour Permits and 144-Hour Permits for the movement of commercial laden trucks, truck-tractors, trailers, or semitrailers or motor buses on the highways of Texas. NOTE: A valid USDOT number is required to obtain either a 72-Hour Permit or 144-Hour Permit.

The following instructions apply when 72-Hour Permits or 144-Hour Permits are issued to trucks or truck-tractors with a gross weight in excess of 10,000 lbs. and semitrailers with gross weights in excess of 6,000 lbs. and the combined gross weight is greater than 18,000 lbs::

TxDMV issues 30-Day Permits for the temporary movement of qualifying, non-commercial, or light commercial vehicles subject to Texas registration laws. 30-day Permits are not available to vehicles that will not be operated in the State of Texas. A 30-Day Permit is valid for a period of 30 calendar days and expires on the date reflected on the permit. A 30-Day Permit may be purchased up to 60 calendar days before its effective date.

The 30-Day Permit is available for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, private buses, trailers, and semitrailers with a gross weight not exceeding 10,000 lbs., and for light commercial vehicles not exceeding a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 lbs. A commercial vehicle exceeding a gross weight of 10,000 lbs. is eligible for the permit if operating unladen..

The Vehicle Transit Permit may only be used on passenger vehicles 6,000 pounds or less and light trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or less, and only one permit may be issued per vehicle. The Vehicle Transit Permit is valid for one trip between the point of origin and the destination, and any intermediate points specified in the permit.

Pros of Buying NewBuying a new vehicle is about peace of mind. New trucks have a much lower risk of breaking down soon after purchase. If a breakdown occurs, your new semi truck typically comes with a full powertrain warranty that covers any issues with your engine, transmission, driveshaft, axles, differential, and other parts.

Another factor to keep in mind is environmental regulations. All trucks operating in the United States must abide by federal emission laws, as outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency. New engines feature technologies that comply with the latest emissions laws, making them more complex and challenging to repair and maintain.

Pros of Buying UsedThe lower asking price of a used truck is less challenging for a new company to pay off. This relieves the financial pressure on new companies that are just starting to build a client list and have irregular cash flow.

In addition, used trucks come as-is, with the configuration and specs their original owners selected when they rolled out of the factory. These specifications may not always match your needs, especially if you have precise requirements, such as a specific engine and transmission, in mind.

How much does a semi truck cost you every month? The answer depends on your credit score and annual income, as well as the loan term. An average credit score could mean a higher interest rate on the loan. A longer loan term means lower monthly installments, but you pay more in interest over the life of the loan. 041b061a72

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