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Gacha FNaF2: A Horror-Themed Mod for Gacha Fans

I love it, but it wont work for me, it keeps crashing whenever i go to objects. Its so annoying and i just wanted to play the game, but it chrashes. And i have to delete my gacha club to get it. 7.8/10.

this is gonna be annoying but... click the download thing, click open file, click the file, click the second file, click gacha club, extract, click the file, click the second file, click gacha club, and boom you're in the game!

gacha mod

PLEASE READ if you cant get this mod and have gacha club try and deleting it and then downloading it but if that dosent work then I sorry Go try a diffrint mod there is a mod i really like called gacha art you guys should try it If u want!

Well do you use 32 bit or 64 bit if you want to know go to gacha club home screen and check after you know which one you use then come back here and click the one your using and if you don't get the the file then go to you setting and click chrome then go to permissions and see if it's blocked the click on the yes thing and go back and download again then enjoy

Ok make sure you have gacha clubs then open the app and don't go to the home screen you'll see something like 64 and 32 and if get any of those come back here and click the you have or if you use and iPhone th3n I'm sorry you can't but if use an Android then click the one your on and be patient then BOOM you have gacha cute

Hello! I have a quick question. I have gacha neon as well and I would like to know if I download this will it rest or do anything to my gacha Neon? (Like deleting my characters or ocs.) I apologize If this is a stupid question.

i didnt make this gacha mod!!! i am posting this because there's a mod of this but its only a rar version and not a zip version!! the owner of this mod pls comment or message me on discord (zombiecat#9911) if u want this taken down! credits:bakugou-rima (inspiring me to make a zip version of this mod! + the creator of gacha art!) @rima_katsu1686/videos (the CREATOR of gacha art!)--------i hope u enjoyed the mod, (i didnt make it!!)sorry if its not the newest version >.

gacha art pc

gacha plus

gacha star 2.1

gacha universal 1.5

gacha cute pc


gacha kemono pc

gacha creative

gacha cute android

gacha club edition

gacha dream

gacha fuzz

gacha universal beta

gacha nox

gacha neon for 32 bit users

gacha cupcake

gacha you!

emblem vulcon in gacha x fnf ultimate mod pack

gacha galaxy

gacha cafe!

gacha multiverse

gacha étoiles

gacha nebula


gacha fandoms

midnight tea party gacha!

gacha lavender

gacha fnaf2

gacha club studio new backgrounds!

gacha club hiyoko hair set

gacha club studio musical hairclips

gacha universe beta

gacha ultra

not not not nothing ok

gacha fantasy

gacha want old night thomas

download gacha want night thomas

not not not nothing ok

when it finished downloading I'm definitely gonna make a oc in all white with black outlines so i can colour it in like a colouring page i havent done that for a while but im currently bored in class so im just gonna make a sort of gacha colouring page :))

great mod! 10/10 keep it p! it feels refreshing to see someone make a mod by themselves instead of just using gacha edition and/or something else as a "base" so thank you, anyways... here's what I made!

Ok So I downlead the game I can run it but when it opens it is a white screen and it plays sound and I can interact with the game I just can not see it I've tried to reinstall, clear up space, delete other gacha stuff, restart my pc, update my pc, this is the pc version.

I love you gacha mod, but one thing can you make not connect to official gacha club apps. When I tried to play it had to delete the official gacha ! I hope you understand and sorry If I was be rude what I say it

Theres a problem with the apk file for me, whenever i download it it says package is unvalid since i had to update a gacha mod, mind you i deleted some of the gacha mods i have and it still wouldnt work idk if its just me but if it is pls be able to fix this when you can.

I do have the same problem. I have 1 mod on my Phone: gacha plus, and the Original Gacha club. It also says the package is unvalid and i have to update smt ;-; mabey it works if i delete all gachas? Would be very sad tho

When you download it, it removes gacha art if you have it installed, no new eyes, hair, or anything of the sort, it's honestly just overall a bad mod, go download gacha art, gacha plus or gacha nox, they are better

Gacha Shine is a gacha mod that is still in development, with no set realease date, however you can join our discord server to gain access to Mod Updates and Asset leaks! You can even audition to join the team and help the mod. However if you just wish to send a couple assets to be in the mod, that's completely fine! Feel free to send them to me, as community post on YT (tagging me), via email, or through discord DM!

Make the mod backMake Boyfriend gacha-fiedCreate new week Called week angmonMake Angmon A Sign look like a Angel Halo And Wings And Demon HornsMake a new Opponent MilipieMake Milipie's First Song Called Colorblind

it's mainly because of the ios security system. Not because it would charge them. You can download things through safari/chrome on ios for free, but the ios security may block it eventually. Gacha mods don't release in the app store or in the Google play store, only online, and itch doesn't charge for uploading files, so there would be no charge if it was download able online. But again, ios doesn't support gacha mods.

I know your probably busy but do you think maybe you can make gacha want so you don't have to delete gacha club? If not i understand:> you're probably busy working on your other projects. I really appreciate you making mods so they won't delete the original gacha club. ?

Mod V3 features:A lot of diamondsAnime Gacha! (Simulator & RPG) v2.0.1 mod is an exciting game that allows players to collect and battle anime-style characters.The gameplay involves rolling the gacha machine to earn new characters, which can then be used to complete quests and engage in battles against other players.To enhance the experience, the game offers a mod version with an impressive amount of diamonds, making it easier for players to obtain their favorite character and progress through the game.Anime Gacha! (Simulator & RPG) v2.0.

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