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Farm Frenzy 2 PSN [BEST]

These buildings, which are fully upgradeable, turn your produce into new items, an example of this would be that the milk from your cows can be taken to a dairy and be converted to butter. Creating new items is the key to growth on your farm as the more items you produce, the more money you can spend on upgrades to your buildings and on your resources. The cycle of looking after your livestock, collecting the produce, creating new items and selling them may seem simple enough but in practise against the clock, it can turn frantic as you scramble to make sure everything is collected quickly and distributed between your farm buildings and sold to market as soon as possible. This is made worse by the bears that regularly show up and run amok around your farm, scaring off all your livestock and generally ruining everything. This is just one extra problem that you will need to deal with on top of the new system of being able to fly items in by plane that you need to create higher grade items. Challenges gradually introduce you to the new buildings and items as you go and further in you will need to manage multiple processes which will mean selling old buildings to replace them with new ones as the space you have is limited.

Farm Frenzy 2 PSN

This is a strategy game in which players manage activities on a farm, including growing grass, feeding animals, and collecting produce. Players turn their goods (e.g., eggs, milk, and cheese) into the ingredients needed for making pizza.

Farm Frenzy 2 (PSP, $4.99)Get ready to harvest a bumper crop of fun when you purchase this action-packed bundle of farming games! For one low price, you can enjoy the very best of the Farm Frenzy series!ESRB: E //File Size: 62.1 MB

All goods produced by these animals can be collected and then processed using various upgradable buildings. The products that result can be sold at the local market, and the money earned is spent to expand the players farm.

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