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You Can't Stop Me VERIFIED

What motivated you to write the song?Mineo: A lot of people say "you can't stop me" to their haters. But I think the thing that stops us more than anything is not other people, it's ourselves. So the approach I took when I was writing the song was to tell myself, "I can't stop me." And to take on the challenge of not just the external influences but the more difficult ones, which are the internal ones. It's just kind of an anthem that everyone can relate to -- facing self-doubt, fear, and working through that and saying, "The only thing that can stop us is ourselves."

You Can't Stop Me

Ultimately, Garza explained, carrying on as SUICIDE SILENCE felt like the right thing to do. "I think keeping the SUICIDE SILENCE brand going and the name going keeps Mitch alive and I think it would be completely disrespectful to Mitch and everything that he worked for if we stopped going or changed the name," he added.

They both are correct. "You can't stop me (doing what?) loving myself." You can't stop (what?) my loving myself." But I'd go for the first: You can't stop me loving myself. It may be just my personal preference.

"There have been a few voices already out there against extrajudicial killings, but I think that public outcry is not there yet," Robredo said. "I think all of us should do our share in making sure that this has to stop."

On Oct. 26, TWICE made their latest comeback with their second studio album Eyes Wide Open, and the lead single off the release will have your eyes and ears, well, wide open. TWICE's "I Can't Stop Me" lyrics in English reveal the song is all about when you just can't help rushing toward something even though you know you shouldn't.

Knowing the song's lyrics will only make you love it even more. In "I Can't Stop Me," TWICE talks about having an internal conflict, and in their heart, they know they shouldn't go through with something, but they just can't help but do it anyway. "I fall deeper into darkness (No, no, no way)/ It is so thrilling, wanna close my eyes (Hey)/ I just can't go back anymore/ Out of control," TWICE sings.

If vulgarity could be considered an art form then rapper Black Nasty may well be the Pablo Picasso of his craft. Combining Eazy-E's hardcore rap stylings with the hazed-out aesthetic of Ween, Black Nasty may have been easily dismissed as a one-off novelty act if it weren't for his genuinely infectious grooves and undeniably unique charm. Picasso himself was once quoted as saying "The chief enemy of creativity is good taste," and this seems to be Mr. Nasty's mantra as well. The fragile-eared and easily offended are best advised to simply stop reading this review right here and forget that they ever heard mention of the name Black Nasty, but if you've got a strong stomach and a warped sense of humor you may just want to

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