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The Second Stage Of CBT Shooter Battle Teams 2 ...

The Russian version of the multiplayer first-person shooter Battle Teams 2 has entered the second stage of closed beta testing. Owners of one of the early access kits and those who have received invitations can take part in it. The stage will end on February 20 (15:00 Moscow time).

The second stage of CBT shooter Battle Teams 2 ...


Astrum Entertainment has announced the date for the second phase of closed beta testing of the first-person shooter Battle Teams 2. It will begin next week, on February 16 (12:00 Moscow time), and end on February 20 (15:00 Moscow time).

The 1st Battalion formed the second wave, and they established a firm bridgehead from which the units carried the battle to the enemy defending the old Fort Belvedere[5] and captured the bridge from the north side. Lieutenant General Dempsey, commander of the British Second Army, after witnessing the crossing, characterized the attack with a single word as he shook his head and said, simply, "Unbelievable."[1] Six crossings were made by 1900. It was there that Dempsey, upon meeting Brigadier General Gavin, shook him by the hand and said "I am proud to meet the commander of the greatest division in the world today."[6] Because only 11 boats returned from the first crossing, eight from the second and five from the third,[5] A Company that followed used locally sourced wooden fishing boats.[7]

Astrum Entertainment announced the launch of the final stage of closed beta testing for the free online shooter, Battle Teams 2. To take advantage of this stage, users can apply for the official website or simply become owners of early access kits. 041b061a72


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