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Where To Buy Campbell's Mushroom Gravy BEST

This cream of mushroom soup gravy is a classic comfort food that can be used to top mashed potatoes, chicken, beef, or pork. This simple and easy recipe can be made in minutes and is a great way to add flavor to your meal.

where to buy campbell's mushroom gravy

This gravy is my go-to when I need a quick, delicious way to add flavor to a meal. It is made by combining a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup with stock powder and a little cream. It comes together in just a few minutes, making it easy to whip up at short notice.

I was looking up different marinades for my chicken when I found this instead. So I made this recipe tonight but instead of making it as a gravy I put it in with the chicken just before it started browning and let it cook until the chicken was cooked through and all the mushroom soup was cooked into the chicken with just enough to coat it. It was phenomenal and a big hit with everyone in my house. I will definitely be doing this again! Thank you for the awesome recipe.

These creamy pork chops were a hit! They were perfectly tender and the consistency of the mushroom gravy was just right so it coated the pork chops in a creamy sauce. The gravy helped keep them moist and the leftovers were just as good the next day!

Was a great recipe, very flavorful. I did make a small change. I used 2 cans of Golden Mushroom soup instead of the condensed mushroom soup. I added the second can when I added the cornstarch and water. I wanted more of the gravy because I served this with mashed potatoes(also, I loooove gravy) It was the perfect amount for 6 pork chops and mashed potatoes. Oh and of course I used more garlic ?

The pork chops were delicious in the instant pot. I used golden mushroom soup. I added some fresh chopped mushrooms that I need to use up and sliced onion. Served it with mashed potatoes to use up the gravy. I would delish with egg noodles too.

After looking everywhere for vegan cream of mushroom soup, I decided to look for recipes to make my own for green bean casserole. I came upon your recipe and it is fantastic! So happy to have found this recipe thank you! I added it to the casserole and even had some leftover for a yummy bowl of soup. YAY!

This low-sodium gravy is free of meat, which makes it great for turkey lovers and vegans alike. Made with mushrooms, rice flour, olive oil, veggies, spices, and almond butter (yes, almond butter!), this product is a clear winner in our eyes.

Learn how to make these creamy mushroom pork chops in your own kitchen with these easy to follow steps. Be sure and read to the bottom of the post where I share a detailed recipe card with all the ingredients, instructions, and all my tips.

Wow! I am so excited I could dance. I have been killing pork chops for years. Even shoemakers would have rejected some attempts. This recipe Worked! I did 2 chops, bone in. I seasoned S&P granulated garlic grain. Onion. Marinted/ brined in buttermilk 3 hours. I deglaze wit a little white wine then did 1 c water with the cream o mushroom atop the seared chops. 15 min pressure remove and left the gravy to simmer. I made the quarter c water/ 2Tb cornstarch slurry but only used about half of 8t. Stir til thickened. OMG SUCCESS! Long time in coming . Thank you

Love this recipe. After I browned the chops, removed them from the Ipot, I then added fresh mushrooms to saute for a few minutes. Took them out and added them at the end when I thickened the4 sauce. Great gravy! Thanjs barbara for another great recipe!

Hi Sam. This is so delicious! I see you also have a condensed mushroom soup variety, for use in green bean bake or casserole; however, before I knew that other recipe existed (or before you published it), I made my own modification and never thought of sharing it back with you to try. This regular recipe here is spot on for flavor, it just needs to be more condensed (thicker and stronger flavor) for casserole-ish use. I found the almost-perfect ingredient to help with that... Better Than Bouillon (specifically the roasted garlic base). In this recipe, you call for vegetable broth, so instead I use 1 tsp of the bouillon for each 1c of veg broth, along with somewhere between 25-60% of liquid (e.g. 1-2.5c for the 4c veg broth recipe size), depending on how thick you want it. The liquid doesn't matter too much -- it could be water, plant milk (coconut milk is my fav), or you could still use vegetable broth, though much less, for the liquid, but that's going to raise the saltiness even higher.

Holy moly! I made this soup last weekend with dried chanterelles, plus cremini and shiitake mushrooms and beef stock (from better than bouillon) and I LOVED it. Really deep flavor that is perfect for the winter months especially. Thank you for posting this recipe (and for re-posting recently on twitter where I saw it!).

This is seriously the best soup recipe EVER!! With a gf daughter in law and vegetarian daughter, cooking for all dietary restriction around the holidays is tricky. This recipe was a game changer for ALL of us and we are converts! No more purchased cream soups!! We use extra baby Bella mushrooms and mixed garlic and onion instead of shallots. I am making a gallon of each for all of the thanksgiving side dishes and gravy!! 041b061a72


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