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[S1E5] Flesh Is Weak ((LINK))

The wall is shown to be weak and decaying, and leading to the house next to it. The group breaks through it and ends up in a sealed room where a couple committed a double-suicide, locking their room off from the walkers infesting the house. The group look at the corpse, somewhat disturbed by it. Lee checks on Kenny, realizing it is similar to what Katjaa did. Kenny professes his view of how the suicide wasn't right but that he still forgives his wife for her choice. He then remarks that they should keep fighting no matter what, smiling as he states they must find Clementine. He retrieves the couple's pistol, remarking it only has at least one bullet left.

[S1E5] Flesh Is Weak

Teddy and the Man in Black enter a run down bar where someone is playing Clair de Lune on the piano. The House Madam tells them the brothel girls are a little worn out but she could rouse them if they want some company. The MiB tells her just whiskey dropping a few coins on the counter. Teddy half falls into a chair, fully dressed again, but still struggling and obviously weak. The MiB taking him in figures that Lawrence's donation must be running low, but they're short on time, and tells him he needs to buck up, giving him two 'encouraging' slaps on the back, Teddy half glaring at him. The piano player stops, turning waiter, putting the bottle of whiskey they ordered on their table. Along with Three glasses. As the MiB reminds him he said 'no company', Ford reveals himself to be the pianist, and pulls up a chair, figuring he might join them anyway as he doesn't like to drink alone.

When the newcomers learn that there's a killer amongst the survivors, they are locked up in a cell until the killer is captured. Mohamad admits that he killed Cynthia because she was weak, and he killed Roger to get back at the newcomers because they had to leave Vanessa outside, however, Mohamad didn't actually do the killing, and Brendan is aware of this, but he lets Mohamad out despite of this, hoping to thin the heard. Before leaving, he grasps Sam, assuring him that he would be okay outside as it wouldn't be the first time he was out there. Continue Reading Here....

Vax jumps onto the back of one of the ogres, slashing and pulling open its flesh, eviscerating it. Vex fires the explosive arrow at the second ogre. It arcs slightly and smacks into the side of its chest. The explosion rocks the vicinity, toppling the cart. A glass container that was in the back of the cart shatters. Tiberius blasts the ogre with three Scorching Rays. As each explosion hits, its flesh ripples from the impact and exposes bone. It gives out a horrible roar. The cart shifts and something amorphous and liquid emerges.

Bill takes over Dipper's body as his "puppet" and destroys the laptop. He then follows Mabel to her puppet show in pursuit of Dipper's journal, which is being used as a prop in the show. After Mabel has been informed of Dipper's body having been stolen by him, he finds her with the journal as she is retrieving it for Dipper. He almost swindles her out of it but ends up in a fight with her due to her having a change of heart. He ends up losing because Mabel uses Dipper's physical weakness and exhaustion to her advantage. As he collapses, he is thrust out of Dipper's body. Bill possesses the Dipper puppet afterward and says that he will return. However, Mabel activates the pyrotechnics of the play, destroying the puppets and removing any vessel Bill could use to talk to the kids.

When Bill and his friends prepare to cause havoc, Ford attempts to shoot Bill back into the rift with his quantum destabilizer but only hits his tophat. When Bill notices Ford and Dipper, he blasts the clock tower. Ford, pinned under rubble, begins to tell Dipper that he knows of one other way to defeat Bill, he then tells Dipper to take his journals. He is cut short when Bill appears, towering over Ford. Bill captures Ford and presents him to his friends, telling them that Weirdmageddon wouldn't be possible without Ford. Bill makes an offer with Ford and tells him it's not too late to join his side. Ford refuses, so Bill turns him into a golden statue to use as a "back-scratcher." Dipper, who has gotten back to street-level, yells that he's had enough. Bill flies over to Dipper, asking the boy what he could possibly do to defeat him in one shot. Dipper flips through Journal 3, trying to find Bill's weakness. With no answers, Dipper panics, and leaps towards Bill, trying to punch him. In response, Bill creates a forcefield around his eye, knocking Dipper backwards, causing him to fly into a tree. Bill then telekinetically seizes the three journals, burning them in front of Dipper, with two crippled pages surviving. Bill tells 8 Ball and Teeth that they can eat Dipper for a snack. Bill then converts a normal car into a sleek getaway ride for himself and his other friends. The car flies away to the Fearamid leaving Dipper, 8 Ball, and Teeth behind. Dipper manages to run away before they eat him.

In "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls," Bill reverts Ford from his gold state. He explains to Ford that he, along with the rest of his friends, can't escape Gravity Falls. Ford thinks that this is due to a natural magnetism attracting weirdness to Gravity Falls, the event he's studied for years, a force so strong that it forms a barrier that prevents that weirdness from going outside the town. He says there's a way to break this barrier, but he'd never tell him. Bill tries to persuade Ford by telling offering him unlimited power in a world without restrictions or laws. Ford again refuses, calling Bill insane. Bill laughs and calls himself insane either way. He then decides to find the equation needed to break the barrier in Ford's mind. However, Ford reminds Bill he can't unless he shakes his hand. Bill decides to try and find Ford's weakness and force him to make the deal, chaining him up further.

Bill is later seen torturing Ford by blasting him with lasers until he agrees to his deal. Though Ford is in pain, he still refuses to give in. Before Bill can start torturing Ford again, he is interrupted by the Shacktron, a gigantic mech created by Old Man McGucket, with the help of Dipper, Mabel, and various townsfolk. They converted the Mystery Shack into a powerful machine to fight Bill and rescue Ford, who knows Bill's weakness. Bill finds it "adorable" that the refugees are fighting back, and orders his henchmaniacs to fight them. However, his minions are quickly defeated by the Shacktron, and Bill is upset as Ford congratulates Dipper and Mabel for their efforts. Bill realizes Ford cares about the twins, and wonders if torturing them will be more effective than torturing Ford. Bill turns Ford back into a gold statue and flies over to the Shacktron. He attempts to crush the Shacktron with a giant fist, but it remains intact thanks to the "Bill-proof" barrier surrounding the Mystery Shack. Bill becomes enraged and repeatedly punches the Shacktron. The refugees use the dinosaur attached to the Shacktron's left arm to tear out Bill's eye and distract him. Realizing now is their chance to rescue Ford, a team composed of the twins, Stan, Soos, McGucket, Wendy, Pacifica, and Sheriff Blubs is ejected out of the Shacktron, using parachutes made out of Mabel's sweaters to land inside the Fearamid.

Everyone lands right next to the human throne, but Dipper is unable to figure out how to unfreeze everyone. Gideon Gleeful, trapped in a cage hanging from the ceiling, explains that Mayor Tyler is the load-bearing statue in the human throne, and if he's pulled out, the whole throne will fall apart. When Dipper does so, it sets off a chain reaction. As the chair collapses, Gideon's cage is knocked to the ground and breaks, freeing him. Gideon rips off his sailor suit only for his normal outfit underneath, yelling "No more sailor suits!!!" The residents are returned to normal, and Ford unfreezes as well. When Dipper and Mabel ask Ford what Bill's weakness is, he explains that the way to thwart Bill is by using a zodiac with ten symbols. When each person that correlates with a symbol stands on a drawn version of the zodiac and they hold hands, it can create a force strong enough to vanquish Bill. Meanwhile, Bill is still fighting the Shacktron after having regenerated his eye. It manages to pin Bill to the ground, but Bill realizes its legs aren't inside the Bill-Proof barrier. Bill utilizes this weak spot to flip the Shacktron over, tear off a leg, and smash it into the Shacktron, sending it flying, whilst making leg and golf puns. Back in the Fearamid, the townsfolk that is not represented in the zodiac run away, leaving only Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Wendy, Gideon, Robbie, Pacifica, McGucket, Ford, and Stan. For a moment, it seems that they will be able to complete the ritual. However, after Ford corrects Stan on his grammar, Stan pushes Ford, breaking the link. The two begin to fight. While they're distracted, Bill appears above them, having beaten the Shacktron.

Bill is happy that inside Ford's mind is "a perfect, calm, orderly void" (a bleak white landscape) with a single wooden door. When Bill opens it, he's greeted by Stan playing paddleball inside the Mystery Shack. Stan reveals that while the demon was chasing Dipper and Mabel, he and Ford swapped clothes and pretended to be each other so that Bill would enter the wrong mind. Realizing this, Bill furiously calls off the deal, implying that he intends to kill both Stan and the kids to demoralize Ford into letting him into his mind. However, anticipating that Bill would double-cross them, Ford takes out the Memory Gun, setting it to erase Stan's memory completely. In the mindscape, the door shuts and the room becomes enveloped in blue flames thanks to the Memory Gun. Stan explains Bill is going to be erased for good, but the demon retorts, asking Stan if he realizes that his mind is also being destroyed. Bill tries to escape and resorts to bargaining with Stan, but Stan refuses to listen as he has had enough of Bill's actions. Stan tells him that while Bill may be a real wise guy, he has made one fatal mistake that he shouldn't have done: messing with Stan's family. Bill refuses to accept by claiming that Stan's making a bigger mistake and that he will give him anything that he would desire, until his form becomes heavily distorted as he speaks backward messages (Translated to: A-x-o-l-o-t-l my time has come to burn, I evoke the ancient power that I may return) and attempts to reach out to Stan. Unperturbed, Stan punches the weakened Bill, shattering the demon's spirit into pieces as Stan's mindscape becomes consumed by the flames caused by the Memory Gun. Following Bill's death, everyone trapped as the tapestries are freed. Outside the Fearamid, Bill's henchmaniacs are sucked back into the portal, with the bricks of the Fearamid not far behind. The portal itself closes and explodes into a great shockwave, returning the entirety of Gravity Falls back to its own version of normal. The only thing that remains of Weirdmageddon is Bill's petrified physical form. 041b061a72


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