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AS TEARS GO BY - Trailer (1988) ^HOT^

Box set of three films by acclaimed Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai spanning from his early work to the present. 2046 (2004) is an offbeat sci-fi romance in which a struggling pulp fiction writer, Chow (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai), gets so caught up in the Kubrick-style sci-fi novel he is writing that fantasy and reality start to merge. Meanwhile, he indulges himself with a series of beautiful women including Bai (Zhang Ziyi) and Wang (Faye Wong) - but he can't get his real love, Su Lizhen (Gong Li) out of his mind. 'As Tears Go By' (1988) is the debut feature from Wong Kar-Wai. Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung star as two friends, Ah Wah and Fly, trapped on the modern day mean streets of Kowloon and caught in a spiral of violence. When Ah's cousin (Maggie Cheung) arrives she brings with her a vain sense of hope that escape is possible, but Ah Wah's loyalty to his friend Fly seals his fate. 'Days of Being Wild' (1991) marked a turning point in Eastern cinema, straddling both 'art house' and action features. Set in Hong Kong in 1960 during a sweltering summer it follows Yuddi's (Leslie Cheung) search for some meaning in his life after the former madam who raised him reveals she's not his birth mother. He has affairs with two beautiful women and hangs out with his friends, before leaving for the Philippines in search of his birth mother - and himself.

AS TEARS GO BY - Trailer (1988)

Ik vind het wel een interessante clash, een commerciele misdaadfilm, met genoeg actie om de trailer te vullen, wat liefdesperikelen en vriendschap en natuurlijk de eeuwige keus tussen misdaad en burgelijkheid. Wat komische scenes en nogal dik aangezet geacteerd soms. En de leuk-foute 80's synthmuziek die in 1988 al wat verouderd moet hebben geklonken. 041b061a72


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