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[S7E10] Persona

Chloe visits Lana at the Kent's house regarding Clark's earlier visit to the Daily Planet and asks her if she's noticed anything weird about Clark. The only difference Lana sees about him is that he's opened up more, and she insists that Chloe doesn't know Clark as well as she thought she did. Chloe maintains that Clark's personality has completely changed. However, Lana just tells her that she needs to let Clark go. At this time, Bizarro returns home, telling Chloe that he and Lana are planning on moving to Paris soon. Chloe is visibly upset and after an awkward silence, she leaves immediately. Lana tells Bizarro about her conversation with Chloe, but Bizarro claims that he didn't forget about the shield; he just can't find it. Lana suggests that he go to the Fortress of Solitude to see if Kara took it there.

[S7E10] Persona



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