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Law Order: Organized Crime Titlovi Engleski S... !!HOT!!

A grey but optimistic postwar Milan is the ideal breeding ground for a new criminal scene, very different from the one we are used to today: an old fashioned organized crime, made up of thieves and outlaws who share a specific moral code, which absolutely condemns homicide. A new chief officer is assigned to the Milan Police Department, as if to settle a score for having exposed his corrupt colleagues. This is just one of the various difficulties that Mario Nardone, an authentic Neapolitan, must face in milan. A city which, nevertheless, Nardone love unconditionally and where he plans to bring up his beloved, albeit somewhat neglected, children. Based on a real figure, Mario Nardone could easily be a character from a Simenon novel. Ironic, sstraightforward, persistengly sstubborn but endowed with a strong moral code and a agreat sens of humanity, he deeply loves his family (who tolerate him only because thier paths rarely cross), good cuisine and never misses the chance of a good joke, Mario Nardone was a true legend in Milan during the 50s and 60s.( RAI Trade)

Law Order: Organized Crime titlovi Engleski S...



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