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Teen Cock Suckers [HOT]

I had seen holes in bathroom partitions before but I had no idea what purpose they served until my senior year in high school. I'd just turned eighteen and just graduated. I was bored out of my skull with nothing to do, except work, until I left for college. I had moments when I wasn't sure I would make it through the summer. In my mind "college" had achieved near mythic status. "College" would rescue me from the dullness of small-town life. "College" would be a place where people talked about books and movies and ideas, not just football, basketball, baseball and fucking. I had no girlfriend. We'd decided, with very little fuss or bother, that we weren't so into each other that it made sense to attempt a long-distance relationship. She was already gone (how I envied her). So, unless I was working, I hung out at the mall, primarily the arcade. I was determined to make it into the ranks of top ten scorers on Galaga before I left for college.

teen cock suckers

I collapsed back into the bed, my belly cramping from the pounding I'd given my nuts. My cock twitched, finding new reservoirs of jizz to leak onto my belly. I was covered in cum. I'd never cum so hard in my life, not even that night that Shelly let me kiss her nipple and squeezed my rock-hard dick through my jeans. I came so hard that night I thought I had broken something. This was a level of getting off I had never even dreamed existed. I was panting, praying I hadn't made so much noise my mom would be knocking on the door asking me what was wrong.

My brain might have been rebelling but my cock liked what I was doing. By the time I'd wiped myself clean and licked my fingers my cock was almost hard again. I stared at it. My cock. I didn't think I was particularly good looking. I wasn't hideous but I wasn't a pretty boy either. I thought my cock was my best feature. I'd measured it, duh. I was six-and-a-half inches and circumcised. My dick was nice and thick and the head was just the right size. I stared at it, watching it twitch itself back to life. Holy fucking God, to be eighteen again and able to bounce back in a matter of a few minutes. I touched my finger to the drop of fluid at the tip and stuck it in my mouth. As I sucked my finger tip, noticing this fluid tasted a little different than cum, an idea blossomed in my mind. I grimaced at the idea, worries of faghood creeping past my excitement and into my thoughts. But that didn't stop me.

I scooted lower in the bed and braced myself with my hands. I lifted my legs up, supporting my back with my hands, like doing that fucking bicycle exercise in gym. I pushed harder and I was staring at my dick again. I pushed some more and was able to hook by toes under the edge of the headboard of my bed. My cock hovered above my face. I was hard again. I hooked my left arm behind my legs and pulled as my other hand reached for my dick. I began to stroke my dick. I'd only intended to jerk off closer to my mouth; what a great way to cut down of clean up, right? But my dick was so close, so very close.

I pulled with my arm and pushed with my feet. And my cock moved a little closer. I lifted my head and almost groaned again. My lips brushed the head of my cock. I was too close to give up. I strained and was rewarded with the taste of the head of my cock halfway between lips. I stroked harder. I couldn't quite get the whole head in my mouth but the tip of my dick was between my lips when I came. The scant bit of cum left in my balls dropped straight into my hungry mouth. I didn't know how hungry that mouth was, or maybe I just didn't want to believe how hungry it was.

I was exhausted! I unrolled my body and collapsed into a deep sleep, naked on top of my bed. The next thing I knew my jangling alarm sent me bolt upright. My alarm clock was across the room, otherwise I would turn it off and fall back asleep. I hurried over and smacked my hand down, silencing it before I realized I was naked. I'd never slept naked before. That I had done so was nearly as shocking as the fact that I had gotten hard thinking about a cock, or that I'd eaten my own cum, or that I'd jerked off in my own mouth.

Anyone of those things should have sent me into spasms of guilt and horror. I didn't go to church any longer. I opened McD's most Sundays. Church was high on mom's list but making money trumped church. I didn't need to go to church. I knew, sitting there in the dark of my small bedroom, that I was sick, perverted and hell-bound. My brain knew it but my cock was hard. I woke up with it hard. It was always hard in the morning. My mind kept screaming at me to stop, to forget any of this had ever happened. To get dressed, go to work, go to the mall and spend several hours-worth of my pay in the arcade, find a girl and do my best to fuck her and prove to myself I wasn't queer. But my cock, with its morning wood was remembering how I'd been able to get it into my mouth last night. I don't recall giving what I did next a conscious thought. I simply laid down, my bare back on the cold floor, push my low back into the air with my hands, let my legs hang over my head and hooked my toes underneath the bed. I strained, strained my neck, strained my back, pulled with all my might against the backs of my legs.

That alone almost made me cum. I refused to risk moving one of my hands to stroke myself. I swirled my tongue around my own cockhead. I bounced my hips, popping my cock in and out of my mouth. I didn't last long. There was more cum this time. I supposed a few hours of sleep had allowed my balls to reload. I kept my lips wrapped around my cock until I was sure there was nothing left to swallow. As I laid there on the cold floor with my cock in my mouth, I understood that I was a cock sucker. I'd only sucked my own but I knew, knew in my bones, I wouldn't stop there.

I managed to make it through work without jerking off. I got hard often enough, thinking about what I intended to do as soon as I got off work. I intended to run head-long into the abyss and embrace my destruction. I pushed my pants down and started to jerk off before forcing myself to stop. My shift ran until 11:00 in the morning. The manager asked if I could stay and help with the post-church crowd. That's the story I'd tell my mom later but I told my manager that I couldn't. Instead, I ducked in the bathroom and changed out of the hideous brown polyester McD's uniform and into my jeans, stopping long enough to stroke myself hard while watching in the mirror. I figured the hornier I was the smaller the chance that I'd chicken out. I shoved my cock down the leg of my jeans and buttoned up. I chatted with Michelle for a few minutes on my way out. She was on lobby duty. I caught her glancing at the bulge in my jeans but managed not to smile and give myself away. I thought she was blushing a little when I finally said good-bye and pushed open the side door. I enjoyed the idea of her liking to look at my cock. In my cock-addled state I even enjoyed the thought of seeing her naked. What the fuck sort of faggot am I? Thinking about naked girls? I remember wondering as I hauled open the door of the Vega and hopped in.

It only took a few minutes to reach the mall. I jumped out of the car and had to force myself not to run to the bathroom. My hands were shaking. I was so excited. I think I was afraid as well but looking back, the only emotion I can re-connect with is my excitement. No one was there. I told myself to relax. The mall had only opened a few minutes ago. I went in the stall, the same one that had changed my life just a day ago. I pushed my jeans down to my ankles and sat down. My cock was half-hard. I sat. And sat. Then I sat some more. To pretend I have any idea how long I sat there would be a lie. It seemed forever.

I heard the door open. I sat up straighter. My cock twitched. I heard the guy approached the urinal. Then nothing. What the hell was going on? I wished I could see. I turned my head and, lo and behold, I discovered another hole. This one was small. A peephole. It was a little behind me. I twisted and looked. I couldn't see much. I could see there was someone standing in front of the urinal but he didn't seem to be doing anything.

He couldn't see me. Only my eye. I could see him, sort of anyway. It was a very small hole and he looked blurry. He looked older than me but that's about all I could say. He stepped closer to the urinal, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock but he didn't take a piss. He began to stroke it. He was almost hard and after a minute of watching, twisted around on a toilet seat with my pants around my ankles, we were both hard.

I hadn't known what to do. I knew I wanted to do more than watch him but how was I supposed to manage that? I watched and grew more and more worried he wasn't going to do anything but jerk off into the urinal. My desperation overcame my common sense. I leaned forward and unlatched the door to my stall. The door, as if wanting to help me, swung open on its own. I sat forward on the urinal and stroked my cock. At first, I didn't think it had worked but then I heard the soft squeak of tennis shoes on the tile floor.

I wrapped my hand around his cock. I was holding another man's cock. I stared at it, that hard cock in my hand. I knew what a fucking dick felt like. Or I thought I did. I moved my hand over his cock as if feeling one for the first time. My eyes were glued to it, as if seeing a cock for the first time. I leaned closer. Inhaled. Shivered. His cock, his crotch, smelled rich and musky. I'd smelled a similar smell on my own hand after jerking off.

I was amazed. I had my own cock in my mouth but like touching him, this was entirely different. His scent was more intense. I squeezed his shaft with my hand. His cock was so hard. I pressed my tongue against the underside of the head; it was so soft. When I relaxed my tongue, I could feel the head of his cock re-expand to fill my mouth.

"Yeah, kid, suck that dick." The voice was low and gravelly and I fell in love on the spot. I pushed more of my mouth over his cock. As the head touched the back of my throat, I swallowed a gag. My eyes watered. I inhaled through my nose, held my breath and pushed harder, trying to relax. The head of his dick squeezed through the narrow place at the back of my throat and face pressed against his belly. 041b061a72


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