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"Keeper Of The Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout M...

After last minute goodbyes to family members, the 140 scouts stepped aboard buses that smelled of oil and leather. Lurching and rattling, the caravan moved out and headed for the small farming community of Locust Grove, about 50 miles away in northeastern Oklahoma, where the Girl Scout Council owned a 410-acre tract of land known as Camp Scott. Since 1928, Camp Scott had provided adventures for young girls in a variety of recreational and educational activities; hiking, swimming, arts and crafts, cookouts and sing-alongs. A lot of memories can be made in two weeks.

"Keeper of the Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout M...

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Hulu's upcoming original docuseries starring Emmy- and Tony Award-winning actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth will explore the 1977 girl scout murders in Oklahoma. We have all the information you need, so let's see where, when, and how you can watch Keeper of the Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders online from anywhere in the world.

This Hulu Original documentary series investigates the murder of three young girls in 1977. They were attending a girl scout camp called Camp Scott in Oklahoma and were tragically killed on the first night.

The Oklahoman (opens in new tab) reports that the Magic Empire Council of Girl Scouts had owned Camp Scott, a vast property, since 1928. Week-long campouts, just like this one, were a tradition, much loved by the girl scouts. That was until that terrible night when everything changed, and the camp never reopened again. 041b061a72


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