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Antares Auto-Tune 7 MacOS PATCHED

Celemony Melodyne introduced graphical editing to auto-tune, completely changing the game. This plugin has become the studio standard for manual and surgical pitch correction. With the top-tier versions of the plugin, you can work with multiple tracks at once, making dialing in robust vocal productions easier than ever.

Antares Auto-Tune 7 MacOS

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A new sub-menu will pop up with the AU plugins of all of the manufacturers you've installed plugins for. For example, if you were using Antares auto-tune access, you'd select the manufacturer "Antares" and a new sub-menu would pop up enabling you to select "Auto-Tune Access" as the plugin.

The truth though, is that autotune plugins are used on almost every recording made these days. Usually most producers are more concerned with employing the subtle pitch correction features of auto-tune to their vocal takes in a way that subtly enhances the pitch of the vocal, but is generally transparent to the listener.

Obviously, one of the most popular uses of auto-tune is pitch correction. Auto-tune is more flexible than it ever has been, meaning you can correct pitchy vocal performances without any listener ever knowing you used an auto-tune plugin.

The main control on most any auto-tune plugin is the speed control, as it allows you to adjust how quickly the tuner corrects the pitch. The lowest speeds will create T-Pain or Cher-style effects, while slower retune speeds will sound far more gentle, allowing the initial pitch to poke through before the plugin changes it.

Usually, you have the ability to choose the key and scale with auto-tune plugins, allowing the plugin to automatically push certain notes into place based on that chosen scale. You can also use the MIDI input on your auto-tune plugin to choose the right notes with MIDI notes.

Beyond auto-tune, getting the Daft Punk effect requires a Vocoder - not an autotune plugin. Typically, you can route your vocal track to a chosen vocoder plugin and draw in the MIDI notes so they match the chords of your track to get that spread-out, robotic effect. Here are some of the best vocoder plugins.

Setting your auto-tune between subtle and T-Pain is a great place to start when going for a Kanye West-style effect. Typically, Kanye has some sort of saturator or bitcrusher on his voice too which adds to the grit, as well as a vocoder tucked underneath to thicken things up. 041b061a72


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