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Buying A Puppy Online Advice

Buying a puppy can be a complex process, but adding an adorable new member to your family is well worth it. You can find many sellers online, but it is important do your research. Look for red flags on potential breeders' websites, like obvious spelling errors and stock photographs lifted from other websites. Speak with breeders in person or over the phone and ask for references. Trust breeders who are interested in learning more about you and your abilities to care for a dog. Do your best to find a reliable breeder and avoid supporting mistreatment of dogs by buying from a puppy mill. Before buying online, consider adopting from a local shelter or rescue group.

buying a puppy online advice

The AKC Marketplace is one of the best places to start your search for a puppy, as long as you are vigilant about the above warning signs. AKC Marketplace conducts thousands of kennel inspections a year and is the only online resource to exclusively list 100% puppies from AKC-registerable litters. If you find anything suspicious while searching for a dog on AKC Marketplace, report the details to

When you're buying a puppy, it's vital to know you're buying a healthy, happy animal from a good breeder. Farms across Europe are breeding puppies at alarming rates, in appalling conditions, and transporting them to homes in the UK to sell. These normal-looking homes are a shopfront for unscrupulous puppy dealing rings who want to sell you a puppy who's likely to be sick and traumatised. But what are the signs to look out for?

While looking out for these signs can help you identify a bad breeder's advert, there's still more you can do to ensure you aren't funding the cruel puppy trade and to ensure you're buying a healthy, happy puppy.

Sadly, some places that seem like great puppy sources may not be, but if you follow our top puppy-buying tips, you'll be far more likely to secure a healthy, well-socialized dog who doesn't drain your emotions or your wallet.

Unfortunately, that just opens up space for another puppy mill puppy and puts money into the pockets of the puppy mill industry. The money you spend goes right back to the puppy mill operator, ensuring they will continue breeding and treating dogs inhumanely. If you see someone keeping puppies in poor conditions, alert your local animal control authorities instead of buying the animal.

A main advantage to searching online is the obvious ease and convenience of selecting from a far greater variety of puppy breeds, sizes, temperaments and "cuteness" quotient. Around the holidays, especially, getting a puppy for Christmas is everyone's childhood dream.

Before you surf for your favorite mixed-breed or pedigree puppy, first check out tips on securing just the right pup for you or your family, with helpful how-to's from the experts, plus general puppy buying advice at other top sites on the Web:

  • Contact - Does the seller have a phone number? Dial it now and see if it's correct and in working order. Verify - The names, phone numbers or e-mail addresses of people who have bought puppies from the online seller. Contact other customers to ensure that they have had honest and helpful dealings with the seller and their overall satisfaction with them

  • Search Online - Enter the seller's name in any of the popular search engines to see if their name comes up on Web sites, forums, or message boards to find out if any complaints about the seller have been posted.

  • BBB - Check with the Better Business Bureau in the seller's area to see if any complaints have been filed.

  • Extra Steps - Set aside funds in an escrow account. Online, search for "escrow service" to set up an account, then release the funds only upon the arrival of a healthy, happy puppy.

also see -> Pet Friendly Hotels What is Pet Insurance?

Buying a Puppy - Humane Society - How to prepare before you buy a puppy, with related advice on visiting web sites, how to spot a false claim by puppy mills and how to recognize a good dog breeder.

You've found the puppy of your dreams online through a breeder or rescue organization. When you go to the airport to wait for his delivery, however, you quickly realize there's no puppy waiting for you, and your money is long gone. Here's how to avoid getting scammed when adopting a dog.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel previously issued a consumer alert to provide tips to help consumers spot and avoid puppy scams. However, given the recent uptick in puppy-scam complaints, AG Nessel wants to remind consumers that they must be hyper-vigilant when attempting to purchase a puppy online. Use the following tips to avoid being scammed:

When searching for a puppy online, people usually select their preferred dog breed by reading descriptions and looking at the photos. Then, they click on links to breeders selling the puppies. This may seem convenient, but this is the worst way to bring a puppy into your life. Before buying a puppy or dog online, please understand these very common risks.

The Puppy Contract has been developed by RSPCA and the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) to empower puppy buyers and help them to avoid the problems that can arise from buying a puppy from an irresponsible breeder. It can be used for all puppies, whether they are pedigree or not, and by any breeder or seller, including rescue centres.

If you are considering buying a puppy, its important to be aware that all pedigree and crossbred dogs could suffer from inherited diseases which are passed on from parents to their puppies. BVA and the Kennel Club Canine Health Schemes work to provide a number of health screening programmes for dogs.

Buying a puppy online can quickly turn into you spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars but still being dogless. How? Because con artists are running puppy scams and getting away with it. Follow our suggestions to avoid being their next victim.

Puppy fraud is on the rise during the pandemic and especially around the holidays when people are more vulnerable. analyzed data from The Better Business Bureau to determine which states had the most online puppy scams this year.

Where internet purchasing numbers rise every year, one of the main catalysts for online puppy scams was Covid-19. As people sought companion animals to cope with the dramatic change in our daily lives, the increased internet traffic caught the eyes of scammers. Better Business Bureau (BBB) says that pet scams make up 35% of all online shopping scams reported to them, a vast majority of which are puppies. BBB received 10,000 reports since 2018, but believe this number is only 10% of every event that occurred without being reported. BBB also reports that 60% of those reports never received a pet where the other 40% were sent an animal that is not what they ordered or who has mental or physical disabilities without any authentic documentation. It is hard to calculate the amount of money that has been lost to internet puppy scams. For more, see -scams.

We get it, those puppy eyes are hard to resist. But it's important to resist the urge to impulsively purchase a dog online just because it's cute and available now, no questions asked. Too good to be true? Probably. In fact, that could actually be a sign of a puppy mill or of an irresponsible individual or organization.

Be cautious about importing a dog you have never met or when buying from an online broker or retail site so that you don't unintentionally support puppy mills, find yourself with a sick dog, or worse, face the heartbreak of having to euthanize your new pet.

FOUR PAWS advises to look for a new pet first in a local animal shelter and to adopt rather than to buy a puppy. But if you decide to buy, here are 10 tips on how to be a bit safer when buying a puppy.

FOUR PAWS want to block illegal puppy dealers from advertising on online marketplaces. We have partnered with Europetnet to offer a technical solution to only allow microchipped and properly registered puppies to be advertised. Find out more about #TracingTheTrade

If you're buying a puppy from a breeder, beware of puppy farms and get to know the signs so you can recognise one when doing your research. We'd recommend using the puppy contract to help you find your perfect pup from a good and responsible breeder. For pedigree puppies, you can also look at finding a Kennel Club Assured breeder, as they need to meet higher standards.

As adorable as they are, puppies are a lot of work. Let our expert staff advise you every step of the way, from microchipping and insurance, to the best training tips to get you started. You'll find the advice you need to help your puppy grow into a happy, healthy and confident dog.

Think about buying your puppy with your eyes shut. Do you have plenty of information? Can you get enough accurate information from the website to make an educated buying decision? Or has that breeder only given you basic information such as eye color, color, type of coat, and other information?

You should know the risks and red flags when buying a puppy online. Make sure to research and find out everything possible about the breeder. The more information you have before making this big decision, you will be better off.

With online scams on the rise, please be aware of the many different types of pet scams. Many times users are lured in by a cute puppy or other pet for sale, only to find out that they have been scammed out of their money. The best way to avoid being scammed by those who are selling pets online is to educate yourself on the warning signs of a typical online pet scam. Below are listed some of the common and known scams that we see on a regular basis. If you have questions about a company, email, website or if you feel you have been scammed, please contact us at

Much of our shopping can now be done online and while ecommerce has its benefits, it comes with risks too. Protect yourself from common online buying and selling scams by staying alert to these common red flags. 041b061a72


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