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Buy Hp Proliant Server

HPE ProLiant servers are engineered with a fundamental security approach to defend against increasingly complex threats. Protect your infrastructure, workloads, and data with our newest HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers or with our full portfolio of both rack and tower servers.

buy hp proliant server

ProLiant is a brand of server computers that was originally developed and marketed by Compaq and currently marketed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. After Compaq merged with Hewlett-Packard (HP), HP retired its NetServer brand in favor of the ProLiant brand.[1] HP ProLiant systems led the x86 server market in terms of units and revenue during first quarter of 2010.[2] The HP ProLiant servers offer many advanced server features such as redundant power supplies, Out-of-band management with iLO or Lights-out 100, Hot-swap components and up to 8-Socket systems.[3]

BL server models are enclosure-based. They are made specially for use in a blade enclosure and cannot be used without such. Blade systems aim towards maximum density and manageability at limited rack space.

One advantage of HP/HPE Blade Enclosures compared to competitors (such as IBM Blade Systems) has been that the older generation enclosures have been able to accommodate new generation BL servers just by upgrading the firmware for OA in the enclosure (Onboard Administrator). However improvements to back-plane of the enclosure in the new generation enclosures have enabled faster I/O capabilities (such as 10Gbit/s Ethernet adapters and switches, and Infiniband). The physical design of the enclosures has not changed since the first versions (other than the larger LCD screen at the front compared to the first generation enclosures, and new plastic covers and HPE branding on the 3rd generation enclosures).

The HPE ProLiant MicroServer line of products are entry-level, low power, compact, and affordable servers meant for small business, home office, or edge computing. They offer user upgradable components and easy access to hard drives. There is the option to purchase the server with ClearOS installed in order for users to be able to enable applications via an easy-to-use web-GUI with minimal effort.

ProLiant servers are separated into four main product lines - ML, DL, BL, SY, and Apollo - which generally denote form factor. The ProLiant ML line comprises tower-based servers (convertible to rack mount) with capacity for internal expansion of disks and interconnects, while the DL line comprises general purpose rack mount servers. The BL line comprises blade servers which fit within the HP BladeSystem, the SY comprises the Synergy Blades, and the Apollo line comprises servers for scale out and High Performance Computing environments. The MicroServer product line addresses small and home businesses.

ProLiant servers are also split into several series which denote processor configuration. The 100, 200, 300 and 400 series comprise single and dual socket capable systems, the 500 and 600 series comprise quad socket capable systems, and the 700 and 900 series comprise eight socket capable systems. The 900 series supports up to 80 CPU cores and up to 4 TB of RAM.

The ProLiant forms part of the HP Converged Systems, which use a common Converged Infrastructure architecture for server, storage, and networking products.[9] Designed to support 50 to 300 virtual machines, the HP ConvergedSystem 300 is configured with ProLiant servers.[10] A system administrator can manage ProLiant servers using HP OneView for converged infrastructure management.[11] HP also provide drivers a software for managing servers such as Management Component Pack which includes hp online configuration utility (hponcfg), Agentless Management Service amsd, Smart Storage Administrator (SSA) ssa, Smart Storage Administrator (SSA) CLI ssacli and Smart Storage Administrator Diagnostic Utility (SSADU) CLI ssaducli.[12]

Starting Q4 2017 HP Proliant Gen10 servers[15][16] were available. Also in November 2017 HPE extended their Gen10 range to include AMD EPYC processors to further economics in server virtualization using EPYC's impressive price v cores architectures claiming to lower cost per virtual machine (VM) by 50%.[17]

What to Know Exact Latest HP Server Price in India? Complete HP Server price list is now present on this page with easy HP ProLiant server Price comparison and Low to High-end price Sorting options. Choose from Wide range of HP Servers models like HPE ML10 Gen9, HPE ML30 Gen9, HPE ML150 Gen9, HPE ML350 Gen9, HPE DL20 Gen9, HPE DL60 Gen9, HPE DL160 Gen9, HPE DL180 Gen9, HPE DL360 Gen9, HPE DL380 Gen9, HPE DL360 Gen10, HPE DL380 Gen10. This latest HP Server price list is consists of all HP Server models of Gen9 & Gen10 listed with hardware specifications, configurations and price. We ensure that Genuine and lowest possible price are mentioned in Servers price list which are updated frequently with configuration & price variations. Every customer can easily compare best deals on all HP server models and choose the one best suited for their business needs. Buy HP Servers of Different Models like HP Tower, HP Rack & HP Blade Servers on Server Basket

Server Basket always gives value to every Client that may be startups or corporates, we have listed end to end prices, which are updated from time to time to adopt new changes. All HP ProLiant servers from low to high-end configurations are mentioned in detail with specifications like Server Memory(DDR3/DDR4), Intel Xeon processors, and price. In the HP server price list we let the customer know the current or genuine price details, without leading to any confusion at any end letting client estimate external business costs, then allows setting clear profit margin.

We genuinely present clear HPE Server pricing structure with all specification details of all HP server models (Rack, Tower, and Blade) on a single page enabling the customer to easily estimate the budget to buy HP ProLiant server for business needs. Clear estimation of building overheads, energy costs are very important for an online business to succeed. HP server price list makes it stand in the competitive marketplace with its ability to offer an easy estimation of prices to the customer.

We offer great value for your money, presenting fair genuine prices on below HP Server price lists make customers purchase HP servers from our website. Customers can easily compare our prices with other online HP server vendors or HP distributors, no other vendor can match our affordable pricing. We present genuine price lists, putting a lot of effort to give the lowest possible price, giving more value to customer money.

Get Free delivery to your doorstep anywhere in India within 2-3 days, it turns out to be huge profit to customers performing server business. We offer free delivery service to anywhere across India i.e., Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Noida, Bangalore, Lucknow, Mysore, Indore, Agra, Jaipur, etc. for customer convenience and saving their valuable time for urgent business needs.

This was the biggest range of HP servers I saw in a list with prices and features. I took my time analyzing and comparing the servers referring to this list and ordered the best HP server for my startup.

This page has an extensive list of all models of HP servers giving all configurations and prices. This really helped to compare and select the right server for my small company comprising 50 employees.

The HP server price list provided helped me to compare all the specifications and choose the server relevant for our business needs. They have given me all the liberty to customize the server the way i wanted it to be.

The price mentioned in the HP server price list does not include GST. The list mentions only the original prices of the servers, exclusive of taxes. Only the government-approved percentage(%) of GST for the product will be added when we bill you for the server.

Shipping charges are not included in the price of the server; you will have to pay them additionally. We ship our products to all the locations in India, near or far. Your shipping charges will depend on your location and distance.

No, the configuration for each server mentioned in the price list is not final. The price listed corresponds to that particular configuration only. You can customize the hardware according to the requirements of your business. You can choose different options for components like memory, storage, and CPUs, etc.

Yes, we give additional discounts if your orders are bulk. Our server prices are lower already in comparison to other sellers in the market. We believe in keeping our customers happy and satisfied. We give special discounts for bulk quantities.

We offer extended warranty in addition to our standard seller warranty. The charges for extended warranty will depend on the kind of service you will opt for. Our extended warranty will mean keeping your servers maintained and protected for a longer duration.

You can use any HP parts inside the machine you wish. So please try to find deals on disks... You can even use 8 year-old disks in a warrantied machine and get support replacements. It's the server chassis that counts.

The HP Proliant ML370server models offer a 4-Way Solution that provides outstanding power and performance in a 4U Chassis. At Vibrant Technologies, we buy and sell new and used HP ML370 Servers. Browse our ML370 Generation models below for details and contact us for more information and pricing.

HP ML370 G4 / Generation 4 The ML370 Gen4 is ideal for various work environments ranging from corporate work groups down to critical remote sites. Offering 2.8GHz to 3.8 GHz Intel Processors, this server is an enterprise-class server. The HP Proliant ML370 G4 is an ideal choice in corporate work groups, expanding businesses, and critical remote sites that need continuous accessibility and uptime. The ML370 G4 now supports up to two Intel Xeon processors with Hyperthreading Technology. HP ML370 Gen4 Specifications: 041b061a72


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