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Metro Phoenix Recumbent Riders

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Maino Ft T-Pain All The Above

Akon-Tell me what do you see when you look at me WOAHHHHHH Only mission to be what I'm destined to beChorus-I've been thru pain&sorrow,the struggle nothing but love, Ima soldier,a rider again,a survivor and all the above.ALL THE ABOVE repeat8xMarino-Listen really what do you se,when you lookin at me see me come up for nothing,see me living my dream,I've been to the bottom,I'd suffered alot, I deserve to be rich, heading straight to the top,look how I rep. for the block, look how i rep for the hood,i get nothing but love now when i come thru the hood,getting this fortunate fame, money asdkh* exchange, getting new benz, all-white call em' John McCain, how the hell can you stop me, why the hell would you try, I go hard forever thats just how i'm designed, thats just how i was built,see the look in my eyes, you take over this for me, I'm still gonna survive, you get truth from me, but these rappers gonna lie IMA pat of these streets til' the day I die, how these haters mad , I done finaly made it, take a look you can tell I'm destined for greatness.CHORUS

Maino ft T-Pain All The Above



This group is for riders in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa...


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