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Pay It Forward Legendas PortuguГЄs (pt)

We don't split our efforts across any other línguaslanguages Slow audio Play audio , or even Brazilian Portuguese.This narrow focus allows us to better serve learners of português europeuEuropean Portuguese Slow audio Play audio

Pay It Forward Legendas PortuguГЄs (pt)

With plenty of audio examples and charts, as well as a comment section to discuss any points of confusion, the explanations will ajudarhelp Slow audio Play audio you feel confident moving forward through the Units.

In Croatia, foreign films and TV series are always subtitled, while most children's programs and animated movies are dubbed into Croatian. The practice of dubbing began in the 1980s in some animated shows and continued in 90's, 00's and forward in other shows and films, the latter ones being released in home media. Recently, more efforts have been made to introduce dubbing, but public reception has been poor in some exceptions. Regardless of language, Croatian audiences prefer subtitling to dubbing, however it is still popular in animated films. Some previously popular shows (such as Sailor Moon) lost their appeal completely after the practice of dubbing began, and the dubbing was eventually removed from the programs, even though most animated shows shown on television and some on home media have been well received by people watching dubbed versions of them. This situation is similar with theater movies, with only those intended for children being dubbed. Also, there has been an effort to impose dubbing by Nova TV, with La Fea Más Bella translated as Ružna ljepotica (literally, "The Ugly Beauty"), a Mexican telenovela, but it failed. Some of Croatian dubbing is also broadcast in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

While on TV, children's shows and movies are always dubbed, in cinemas, films with a clear juvenile target can be found in two versions, one dubbed (identified by the letters V.P. for versão portuguesa - "Portuguese version") and another subtitled version (V.O. for versão original - "original version"). This duality applies only to juvenile films. Others use subtitles only. While the quality of these dubs is recognized (some have already received international recognition and prizes), original versions with subtitles are usually preferred by the adults. Presently, live action series and movies are always shown in their original language format with Portuguese subtitles. Streaming services also offer some content for adults dubbed in European Portuguese, although there they provide an option to select the original language. There are also a few examples of Anime who were dubbed in European Portuguese (i.e. Dragon Ball and Naruto) Netflix is now offering foreign language films aimed at older audiences and TV series (M/12, M/14 and M/16) dubbed into European Portuguese in addition to offering the original version with subtitles.

In order to overcome this diversity of national qualification standards, educational methods and training structures, the European Commission has put forward a series of instruments, aimed at ensuring better transparency and recognition of qualifications both for academic and professional purposes.

The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body enabling a wide range of movements including, forward flexion, abduction, adduction, external rotation, internal rotation, and 360-degree circumduction.

The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body that enables a wide range of movements including forward flexion, abduction, adduction, external rotation, internal rotation and 360-degree circumduction. Thus, the shoulder joint is considered the most insecure joint of the body, but the support of ligaments, muscles and tendons function to provide the required stability.

First, he hijacks a nearby ATM by pressing "Eject," and money spits out. He activates a sprinkler, making it rain. Then, he switches the sun and the moon back and forth from day to night. Finally, wondering what else he can do, he hits "Rewind," sending him back to the beginning of the episode with the Wattersons, the title card, the intro, a Cartoon Network "Up Next" bumper, and finally to a scene from "The Nobody" in the Void. He witnesses Gumball, Darwin and Mr. Small leave as his past self holds onto Janice. This reminds Rob it was Gumball who made him evil, as he left him with a broken body and a ridiculous voice. Enraged, he swears vengeance against Gumball and fast forwards back to the parking lot, where the being asks him to pay for the remote. Rob promptly zaps the being away.

Cut back to the Wattersons looking for a parking space and singing. Gumball "breaks it down" and starts making a beat with the window. Annoyed, Nicole tells him to stop. Rob sees them and ducks behind a nearby car. When the family gets close, Rob pauses them and starts all the nearby cars. He walks up to Gumball and threatens to destroy him and everyone he loves. After Rob unpauses, all the cars start driving forward and wreck the Wattersons' car. Nicole angrily blames it all on Gumball for playing with the window, although he tries to explain it was not really his fault. She ends up so furious she does not have any words and starts making sounds instead. The family walks off sighing at him in exasperation.

He ends up accidentally tackling and kissing Sarah in front of Penny. While Gumball explains the situation to Penny, Rob changes their language from English to Cantonese. Although Penny believes Gumball when he explains that someone is messing with him, the language makes it sound like they are arguing, so she runs away crying. While Gumball goes after her, Rob fast forwards, sending Gumball at great speed into Penny and pushing her off the top floor of the mall.

The EU supports Member States in reducing youth unemployment and inactivity. The aim is to help young people develop their potential to shape the future of the EU and propel the digital and green transitions forward. 041b061a72


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