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Zombie Games: The Most Popular and Addictive Zombie Games on Steam

Surviving against hordes of zombies can be a fun challenge. But sometimes you just want to run zombies down in slow-motion while driving a car. Check out Sandbox City - Cars, Zombies, Ragdolls! For that.

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The classic survival game features intensifying waves of zombies that test your ability to keep your cool under pressure. Infected Days is a superb, action-packed game using this format. Check out Stickman: Legacy Zombie War too!

Shoot, slay and escape from undead evil in our free zombie games. Inspired by movies like Dawn of the Dead and games like Resident Evil, our challenges will have you defeating the walkers in style. Choose from a myriad weapons and kill the undead before they eat your brains! In our zombie challenges, the undead are dangerous and relentless. Play through levels of varying difficulty and do whatever you can to defeat evil walkers. Be prepared for gruesome violence, detailed graphics, and undying challenges previously seen only in horror movies!

Zombies are trending right now! Forget werewolves and the vampire craze of the 90s, these days when it comes to horror it's all about zombies. From The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later to Marvel Zombies and the Jane Austen remake Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, the undead are back from the grave! Would you be able to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, when civilization ends and zombies run rampant? Browse our collection of gruesome, gory, scary, and funny zombie games to test your skills! From funny 3D zombie shooter and defend-the-base games to terrifying 3D first person shooters and escape horror games set in creepy abandoned research centres, come and discover your next zombie fix at BGames!

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Contemporary Western zombie lore combines modern cultural fears about science and the end of civilization with inspiration drawn from the enslaved living dead of Haitian folklore, Arabic stories of flesh-eating ghouls that haunt graveyards and consume human flesh, and the resurrected rotting corpses from old French and English revenant tales. The first zombie video game, Zombie Zombie by Sandy White, came out in 1984. In this game, players use a helicopter to find the zombies roaming through a maze environment, and must lure the undead over the edge of a cliff. However, it was Capcom's 1996 release Resident Evil that really popularized the zombie genre in gaming. In this game, members of an elite task force go in search of their missing teammates and have to fight their way out of a mansion infested by zombies and other grotesque monsters. The Resident Evil series was so well-received that it inspired many, many survival horror video game sequels, the Resident Evil movie series, and the Biohazard movies and novels.

More recently, casual zombie games have proliferated online as well. These games are free to play and span a number of other gaming genres. If you're into horror and jump scares, try our 3D zombie horror games in which a terrible virus or scientific experiment has turned most of the human population into living corpses hungry for human flesh and brains. Make your way through the ruined city or abandoned military base and level your gun at the foul monsters that leap out at you. You can also choose games in which you have to build a base and keep the zombies out. Build deadly traps, gather weapons and a team of other survivors, and make sure you stock up on enough ammunition, food, and medical supplies to hold down the fort until the military arrives. Can you develop the right strategies and tactics to survive the zombie infestation? Good luck!

The zombie genre ruled the entertainment landscape for the better part of the last decade, and though audiences are currently a bit fatigued, it's a post-apocalyptic setting that comes back in waves. It's been that way since George A. Romero released Night of the Living Dead back in 1968.

These days, a zombie-focused video game can still capture audiences' excitement and anticipation, but they need to deliver something that feels refreshing, unique, and/or of unmatched quality. More games, both AAA and indie, release in the modern era than ever before. That means that there's likely more than a handful of upcoming zombie games to look forward to at any given time.

Updated January 26, 2023 by Jerrad Wyche: Zombies may feel like an overdone enemy type in the world of video games, but each new calendar year provides new opportunities for the genre to be explored in inventive ways.

Both the big-budget AAA space and small indie developers remain interested in providing people with entertaining ways to unleash chaos on the undead. Whether it's from Germany, Ukraine, the United States, or somewhere else, there are studios set to release some promising zombie games people should look forward to in 2023.

Indie games deserve love, so it's nice to shine a light on a zombie-centric one that fans can't wait to get their hands on. Wanderlost is a survival role-playing simulation game where players control a red-headed adventurer looking to fight back against the zombie infestation.

Hard to imagine that a game simply called Projekt Z will release in 2023, but this World War II zombie shooter has made quite the impression with its trailers. Not only does it provide a captivating atmosphere that infuses a bit of horror into the well-tread genre setting, but visually the game offers beautiful lighting and textures.

The developers are a fresh new German indie studio called 314 Arts comprised of nine total employees. It'll offer both single-player and online co-op zombie killing spectacles as players try to uncover Nazi secrets hidden on an occupied island.

The game's reveal trailer focused on a character bearing a striking resemblance to rock star Lenny Kravitz and focused on the levity-infused zombie destruction the game will put at the hands of its players. Dead Island 2 will also no longer be taking place on an island, as the game primarily takes place in the state of California.

The Lords of the Fallen is a game that happens to be confusing for several reasons. A game titled Lords of the Fallen was released nearly a decade ago and offered a Souls-like experience in its unique fantasy world. This 2023 title serves as a spiritual reboot of sorts for the series and isn't the typical new zombie game one would expect.

The zombie genre is one that can be tackled quite ambitiously in the world of video games. The Day Before by developer Fntastic is one such example. It's pitched as an open-world MMO survival game taking place in a post-apocalyptic environment filled with zombies. What sets it apart in a crowded genre is its graphical fidelity and the dense metropolitan areas in which it seems to take place.

Dead Space Remake will release in early 2023. The game is overhauling much of the graphical performance and sound design, while also giving most of the assets a modern-day facelift of sorts. Though the Necromorphs of Dead Space aren't technically zombies, the description states that they're mutated corpses, which in some ways could be considered a loose definition of what a zombie is.

Undead Labs feels like a game developer destined to deliver a truly remarkable zombie experience in the world of video games. Their first entry in the genre was a lower-budget arcade-style zombie survival game that won the hearts of gamers despite its many bugs and issues. Its sequel, State of Decay 2, took the series forward, with a game that felt higher budget, but still felt like a learning experience.

In 2020, State of Decay 3 was revealed, and interviews with the studio suggest they're working on making this the zombie survival game they've felt they were capable of delivering. Now owned by Microsoft and overseen by Xbox Game Studios, it seems that the third installment in the State of Decay series could be the one that puts Undead Labs on the map in a major way.

Resident Evil 4 is often lauded as having the best combination of survival horror and action gameplay. It served as the sweet spot for a series that lost its horror roots and shifted towards action in the games that followed it.

Jerrad Wyche is a writer, designer, and producer hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. His favorite video games include Mass Effect 2, Inside, Pokémon Soul Silver, Spelunky, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He hosts his own weekly video game podcast at Controlled Interests and is a dedicated writer for TheGamer.

Luckily, our list of dead-good hits has everything a zombie enthusiast could ask for, ranging from free PC games, to co-op games like DayZ that are more Lovecraftian period pieces. If you like, you can take a shambling detour through tower defense games and post-apocalypse parkour. Come with us now to find the ones worth playing right now as we wade through the hordes of shambling corpses.

It was a long time coming, but the Resident Evil 2 remake delivers on fan expectations in a big way. Opting for an over-the-shoulder perspective rather than the fixed camera angles of the original, it faithfully recreates the iconic police station and other spine-tingling areas filled to the brim with zombies waiting to eat your face off.

Days Gone is a zombie game for those who feel that experiences such as Dead Rising need a more open-world focus. It starts rather slowly, with the motorcycle-riding protagonist scavenging from ravaged roads of the Cascade region, but soon revs up to become a rather intense experience.

Zombies of all shapes and sizes come at you thick and fast, making Killing Floor 2 an excellent pick-up-and-play co-op title. But as you devote more time to indulging in a spot of zombie bashing, Killing Floor 2 becomes a zombie game with an engrossing tactical element: do you spend your blood-soaked resources now, or save them for a tougher future confrontation?

This zombie game homage to the most famous old game of all time is tough as nails. Organ Trail tasks you with guiding a station wagon of survivors on a journey out west, and like all zombie survival games, your primary concerns are keeping a good stock of food, medicine, and ammo, not to mention avoiding roaming packs of flesh-eating undead.

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