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The Woman King Legendas Croata ##VERIFIED##

I will not tell you, though my author doth, that Ireland Saint Patr [...]t and Ireland. had as many venomous creatures, and noysome snakes, as other countries, vntill sanctus Patricius chased them away with his staffe: nor of their witches, which were turned into Hares, because they be common tales with sot [...]ish, ignorant, and superstitious people, both in England, Thessaly, Norway, and other countries: yea of mine owne knowledge in the Ilands of the Arches, the tale of Lucius Appuleius, or the golden Asse, is beleeued, and reputed a truth. But this I will be bold to say, that the life of Saint Patrike is wel written in a good Latine phrase, and dedicated to that euer memorable Earle and worthy patterne of hospitalitie and honorable behauiour, the Earle of Clenricard: wherein are such strange things, and of that varietie, that neither Moses nor Christ came neere him for actiue imployment, if without pietie we may belecue that storie. As for S. Patriks Purgatorie, or the great lake of Vlster, as incredible things are reported of them, as of Saint Patrike himselfe. The storie is thus enlarged: A woman [Page 50] drawing or taking water out of a wel, and hearing her child crie, run to it for haste, and forgat to couer the same, which in the meane while swelled ouer so immeasurably, that it drowned all the countrey, but the maine reason was, because the people were Sodomites, and God thus sent his vengeance vpon them.

The Woman King Legendas Croata

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