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Skachat Line Rider Na Kompiuter

On July 1, 2008, the original Flash version was replaced by a new one written in Silverlight. It includes a new feature that allows people to send tracks to other people via Windows Messenger. On October 23, 2009, this was replaced by Beta 3, which has the option to use dual players, a camera, trapdoor and deceleration lines. In 2015, a "Spiritual Successor"[11] to Line Rider was released for Windows, Line Rider Advanced, which featured an in-game recording feature, selection tools, and advanced settings. Also in 2015, a new web version was released, Line Rider Javascript, which is hosted at, and is still being updated as of 2022.

skachat line rider na kompiuter

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On December 19, 2006, Čadež published an updated version of Line Rider ( that added erasing and zooming features as well as more line variations.[12] He originally planned to release it a month before until he was contacted by inXile Entertainment founder Brian Fargo to purchase the rights for the game via Skype.[12] Fargo appreciated Line Rider as "another Tetris" in an era of high-budget, complex video games, and that the game made the player an artist.[12] 041b061a72

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