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The Rig Veda Penguin Classics Pdf

Considering the bodily constitution, pathological history, the Dosha characteristics, life style and environmental conditions in an individual's routine life style, Ayurveda has many treatment strategies for promoting well-being to individuals.19, 20

The Rig Veda Penguin Classics Pdf

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The Siddha system of medicine is based upon the principle similar to Ayurveda considering that the human body is constituted from the five elements of the Universe like the pancha mahabhootas. Along with these elements Siddha system considers that the physical, moral and physiological well-being of an individual is governed by 96 factors. These 96 factors include perception, speech, diagnosis of pulse etc. Perception is commonly used determinant for treatment of psychosomatic system with the help of minerals, metals and to a lesser extent some plant products. Siddha system uses many preparations of plant and mineral origin in powder form, prepared through various procedures including calcinations.23

Rotti et al, have published several studies correlating the concept of prakriti in Ayurveda to present-day science. A report indicating the correlation of dominant prakriti with the Body Mass Index (BMI) and place of birth in individuals was published.31 Studies involving subjects of various prakriti types viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha, were carried out to identify molecular differences that affect susceptibility and responses of individuals to various environmental or disease conditions. A classification method for human population, with respect to DNA methylation signatures is reported based upon traditional Ayurveda concept of prakriti.32 In a study involving genome-wide SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) in 262 male individuals from three different prakritis, it was found that PGM1 gene is associated with energy production. PGM1 was found to be more homogeneous in Pitta prakriti, than the Kapha and Vata prakriti.33 041b061a72

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