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Molecular sexing methods were developed to identify the sex of turtles by detecting sex-specific genetic sequences or gene dosage in species with sex chromosome systems of GSD [reviewed in [40]]. For instance, gene dosage was detected with sexing primers for Apalone spinifera, Glyptemys insculpta and Glyptemys muhlenbergii [41], whereas quantification of the sex-specific abundance of rRNA repeats using qPCR was used to sex A. spinifera and other trionychid species such as Pelodiscus sinensis and Chitra indica [40,42]. In contrast, molecular sexing of turtles with temperature-dependent sex determination (TSD), who lack sex chromosomes or any consistent genotypic differences between the sexes [43], has been accomplished by measuring circulating testosterone levels after a hormonal challenge [17], and more recently, by sex-specific circulating proteins in neonate blood [44]. However, no study has explored the use of epigenetic markers for non-lethal sex diagnosis in any turtle. Any sexually dimorphic DNA methylation present in easily sampled somatic tissues (such as tail clips) could be used as a non-lethal sex diagnostic.

DNA methylation can be measured globally (genome-wide) by DNA methylation-sensitive ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunoassay) [45], or by high-throughput sequencing of immunoprecipitated methylated DNA (MeDIP-seq) [6]. DNA methylation can also be assessed locally (gene-by-gene or region by-region) by MeDIP-seq, by sequencing bisulfite-converted DNA (BS-seq) (which reveals the methylation status of individual nucleotides) [45], or by PCR after DNA digestion with a methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme [46]. The latter is the simplest method and was applied to sex chickens [46], a GSD species whose CpG-rich region on the Z chromosome, called MHM region (Male Hyper-Methylated region), constitutes an ideal male-specific molecular marker. This technique was also successful to identify differential methylation in the gene Fezf2 in TSD turtle gonads [6], yet it is unknown if somatic tissues display the same pattern.

Fifty years of demographic studies and quiet kitchen-table conversations confirm that this happens not only to the famous but to millions of the obscure. A quarter of Alfred Kinsey's 4,000 female informants told the Indiana sex researcher that they'd either had sex with adult men when they were children, or had been approached by them.

The Social Organization of Sexuality -- the landmark 1994 study of American sexual practices spearheaded by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) and University of Chicago professor Edward Laumann found that 17 percent of its adult female male informants and 12 percent of the male informants said they'd been touched sexually (90 percent genitally) by at least one adult before they turned 14.

These clips of film rely on half-examined stereotypes and black-and-white assumptions about the nature of abuse: that a nebbish can't also be a molester; that a bungled investigation means there was no abuse; and that children must be violently coerced to have sex with adults.

Seasonal life cycle of body cavity dwelling (BCD) Philometra ovata (Nematoda: Philometridae) has been reported in southern and central European countries, but its swim bladder dwelling (SBD) stage and northern populations have remained unstudied. In this study, we investigated the seasonal life cycle and infection ecology of P. ovata in both swim bladder and body cavity in the European minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) in Finland. The larval P. ovata infected the swim bladder of minnows mainly in August. Female SBD P. ovata emigrated to body cavity mostly in September, grew to their full size by the end of the next June, and evacuated from minnows in July. In addition, female SBD P. ovata retarding their development and staying in swim bladder were found commonly in minnows, thus the mean monthly prevalence (67 39%) and mean intensity (14 08) of BCD P. ovata was lower than that of SBD P. ovata (378 151% and 20 15, respectively). Finally, despite the large size of BCD individuals, infection of P. ovata did not impair body condition and relative gonad size of minnows, but increased the mortality and caused physical damages in their hosts during the evacuation period.

* 'DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD' - Based on the best seller by Rebecca Wells, this is a movie of high spirits and ambition. It's a deep, richly textured story that takes the girl group of the title, the Ya-Yas, from feisty girlhood to reckless youth all the way to cantankerous old age. But despite the presence of top actresses like Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, Ellen Burstyn, Fionnula Flanagan and Maggie Smith, the movie is too packed, too busy, too insistent and maybe too ambitious. PG-13 (for mature thematic elements, language and brief sensuality). 1:57. ** 1/2

* 'WINDTALKERS' - John Woo's latest is a blisteringly exciting war movie taken from a little-known piece of history: the fact that the U.S. Army's only really uncrackable WWII code was derived from the Navajo language and used by a secret group of Navajo soldiers. The movie's extreme, nonstop violence will repel some audiences, but the film, which stars Nicolas Cage and Adam Beach, has more going for it than just action. Like Woo's best Hong Kong thrillers, it's an impassioned exploration of male bonding as well as a dark, pessimistic look at man's capacity for bloodshed. R (pervasive graphic war violence, and language). 2:14. *** 1/2

Objective: The prevalence of congenital urinary tract defects and congenital hydronephrosis is higher among males than females. Aquaporin (AQP)-1-3 are involved in the mechanism of pathophysiologic changes in the obstructed kidney. The aim with this study is to investigate whether gender differences affect the expression of AQP1-3 in response to partial unilateral ureteral obstruction (PUUO) for one week in newborn rats. 041b061a72

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