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Scary Stories FRENCH BluRay 1080p 2019 NEW!

by Walter Chaw The horror genre is one that's particularly suited for remakes. At their best, scary stories deal in archetypal images in pursuit of exorcising essential concerns. They're fairy tales, fables. They're warnings carrying lessons for the survivors. I think they're how the bulk of human culture was transmitted and instrumental in our species' survival, offering explanations for why sometimes people don't come home if they're caught out in the night or wander off the trail or split up from the safety of the pack. They talk about outsiders, alien threats, and other invaders infiltrating from without and within: the dangers of transgression and the failures of denial. They are Jungian shadow projections made grotesque by their repression. They grow like obscene toadstools in the soft earth of our subconscious. A good horror story should be remade for every generation. Jack Finney's Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a prime example of a premise made fresh across several decades--each time, each new film adaptation, a different social anxiety grows into its central metaphor, so it becomes a touchstone evergreen in the development of our understanding of the dangers of the greater world. Horror movies, good ones, have something to say. If you listen.

Scary Stories FRENCH BluRay 1080p 2019

Richard Stanley adapts "The Colour Out of Space," H.P. Lovecraft's favourite of his own stories, as the de-anglicized Color Out of Space, doing an exceedingly faithful job of it. The narrator of the story is now a hydrologist named Ward (Elliot Knight) who, while taking samples of well- and groundwater from the Gardner farm, correctly determines that no one should be drinking it. A meteorite has crashed there, you see, and become absorbed into the ground more rapidly than it should have, infecting all the plants and wildlife with some sort of intelligence that, the story surmises, merely wants everything here to be something it's familiar with instead of something it finds weird and scary. This is bad news for alpaca rancher Nathan (Nicolas Cage), his wife Theresa (Joely Richardson), teen kids Lavinia and Benny (Madeleine Arthur and Brendan Meyer), and young Jack (Julian Hilliard), who witness the meteorite smashing into their front yard one night and then bear witness to all hell breaking psychedelically loose immediately after. 041b061a72

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