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Nautical Home Decor !!TOP!!

If the kitchen is the hub of the home then the living room is the next best stop! This is the space for the whole family: parents, kids, pets and guests, so why not provide the upmost in comfort and quality? A place where you can watch a movie, play a game, turn on a single lamp and enjoy a good book. The living room can have it all: good seating, attractive useful tables, a handy media case, lamps & lighting, mirrors, art & more.

nautical home decor


Mirrors are like reflective works of art with some of the frame choices we offer mirrors in various styles and materials. We carry large, leaning mirrors as well as a fine collection of small mirrors. A mirror on the wall can reflect and add more natural night, it can visually increase the room overall and it can be a fabulous decorative element when you pair it with the style of the home. A mirror in an entryway also adds the option to check your appearance before you leave or as you arrive. This placement is part of Feng Shui and it allows in good Chi/energy.

When a piece tells a story or calls to mind a personal connection from years gone by, that means it's usually vintage as it was made by earlier generation. There's something so special about a vintage oar, an authentic ship's wheel, an old maritime book or a leather bound steamer trunk - they make for great accent pieces, accessories & decor. Mount a few oars on the wall or mount an antique brass sconce that was wired to light a hallway. We seek out unique finds to mix-in with today's decor to pay homage to a time gone by.

Our philosophy is to offer true nautical elements and a mix of styles, finishes and textures that all work together to distinguish your home from all others. By adding pops of sea glass green, watery blues and sandy neutrals we re-create the relaxed feel of summer vacation at home. The current trend of washed reclaimed wood adds a casual beachside element that is best mixed with the classics of the rich woods, leathers and cottons. The mix of these elements creates a warm, welcoming and timeless home that is not trendy.

An area rug or runner add color, texture, character and style to a room! For a fun, nautical look go with bold white and navy stripe or to add a natural coastal feel maybe opt for a knobby jute rug - whatever your color choice or material preference, we have a rug for you. Cotton, Jute, Wool, Viscose, Indoors or Outdoors there's a rug for the living room, bedroom, office, nursery, laundry room, porch or the deck.

A beautiful throw blanket can provide that pop of color, beauty and of course extra warmth. They become a nice accent piece when laying over the back of a sofa, chair or draped at the end of a bed. So they're perfect for decoration as well as purposeful. A rattan basket of thick knit throws or a vintage ladder layered with gorgeous linen throws makes for a nice accent.

Nowadays, outdoor furniture is just as important as the interior furnishings especially in coastal-inspired homes. Outdoor furniture is available in multiple materials like aluminum, teak, resins and wicker found in multiple finishes as well as many fabric selections for the cushions. It is long-lasting and durable. Of course we carry a slipcovered line of outdoor furniture so your patio can look and feel as comfortable as the living room. Outdoor furniture is extremely durable and built with coatings to withstand salt, rain and other elements.

Our Boat House is a brick and mortar store as well as an online coastal furnishings boutique offering unique slipcovered furniture, nautical lighting, coastal home decor, ship authentic, and other sea-inspired nautical accessories for causal coastal living.

Our Boat House has been developed specifically for homeowners looking for coastal furniture and items to decorate their primary homes, vacation homes and luxury ocean liners. Our Boat House site is a vessel that shares beautiful coastal home furnishings and decor that help homeowners and designers create a beach home style that is comfortable for the entire family - a place to enjoy life and to nourish the soul.

Slipcovered furniture is a staple for every beach house. Our Boat House specializes in coastal home furnishings with a classic view and we offer multiple collections of Slipcovered Furniture with many pieces. The collections include classic slipcovered sofas, sleepers, comfy slipcovered sectionals, chaises, slipcovered chairs & ottomans that are luxuriously made & designed for extreme comfort and affordability. Relax with the Casual Coastal style of easy-care washable slipcovers in crisp cottons, natural linens, denim and blends that are replaceable and made in the U.S.A.

Our Boat House's Unique Coastal Style Lighting Collection from around the world is high quality and designed to complement any coastal home decor style while providing a historic beach home feel. Find Nautical Lighting including handmade rope and shell chandeliers, copper fox lights, rustic lanterns with a time worn patina, nautical floor lamps, authentic brass passageway lights, or a nautical chandelier made of coral shell, authentic brass dock or other coastal materials.

Our Boat House offers a collection of coastal home decorations, including several types of nautical decor for every room. Find coastal home decor such as accent pieces, nautical accessories, hanging nautical wall decor, trunks and benches that will add interest, texture, rustic warmth and time-worn imperfection that will turn any space into the perfect coastal paradise. Additionally you'll find authentic vintage nautical antiques and boat decor treasures from ships from around the world. Hard to find genuine nautical, marine style furniture, collectibles and other nautical accessories, decor items like sea glass balls, ship's bells, portholes, diving helmets, bulkhead lights, brass binnacles, brass ship lights, passageway lights, fox lights, and so much more.

This wooden ship or boat wheel is a great addition to your home decor. Hang it in the living room, cabin, or office, to accentuate your existing marine decor. The brightly painted wood gives this piece a well-cared-for, "fresh coat of paint" look. This ornament makes a wonderful wedding or housewarming gift for friends or family.

Offer marina-worthy whimsy to any ensemble in your home with this handsome ship's wheel accent, featuring a classic wood design and neutral tan finish for timeless appeal. Hang it up on a bare wall above a simple wood and metal console table to draw the eye in your living room, then arrange miniature buoy accents and anchor figurines to match this design's rope-wrapped details. For a stately touch to your master suite, hang this above a button-tufted or white-washed wood headboard, then flank it with Edison bulb wall sconces for a trendy twist on classic style. To tie together your captain's quarters in cohesive style, arrange a gallery display of porthole-inspired mirrors and framed photographic prints of sailboats at sea, then top off matching wood dressers and chests with faux jasmine bouquets, weathered wood candleholders, and ceramic sand dollar figurines. No matter where it hangs, this eye-catching design sets the scene for seafaring style.

Create an artistic display in your living space with this durable and eye-catching heirloom decor. A unique and distinctive decor that adds character and a nostalgic influence to your living space. Add this nautical telegraph to your collection for a timeless accent or centerpiece display on your console or coffee table. This item ships in 1 carton. Metal ship telegraph makes a great gift for any occasion. Suitable for indoor use only. Made in India. This is a single-ship telegraph. Nautical style. Showcases steering directions for the ship and "Engine Room Telegraph" typography with anchor icon.

Make your home more beautiful and elegant with this wooden home accent. A nautical figurine that boosts the beauty of your living room or bedroom. This is also ideal to display at a cafe, bar, shop, or restaurant. A tabletop decoration wood lighthouse that will fit any home setup. This will make a great gift for beach lovers, as a housewarming gift, to nautical collectors and enthusiasts, or as a present for any other special occasion. This decorative wooden masterpiece is certain to thrill your guests and it will make a stunning eye-catching display. The rare nautical-inspired lighthouse was artistically made from high-quality wood and has been hand-painted and weathered to give a classic coastal look. Boast with a 3d ship anchor, and a rope embellished on the tower.

Nautical whale decor - decorative whale figurine beach decor is handcrafted and handpainted. With metal spiral decor as if this cute whale statue is blowing bubbles happily. The weathered look will add a bit of nautical charm to your beach house.

This Maurin Metal Compass Sculpture has an adventurous style. It is entirely handcrafted of metal with a sturdy wood base and a gorgeous distressed finish. Its weathered look makes it an ideal accent for a lake or beach house, or for adding a nautical theme to a home office or den.

Create an artistic display in your living space with this durable and eye-catching heirloom decor. A unique and distinctive decor that adds character and a nostalgic influence to your living space. Add this nautical sextant to your collection for a timeless accent or centerpiece display on your console or coffee table. This item ships in 1 carton. A brass compass makes a great gift for any occasion. Suitable for indoor use only. Made in India. This compass comes as a set of 2. Nautical style.

Glaucia Collection combines antique and rustic decor with modern elements for a unique and stylish look. It is a comforting and welcoming style. Hence many love it because the farmhouse style is a bit lighter, brighter, and more neutral, so your space looks more substantial and inviting. Crafted from wood it allows for easy decoration. Display these decorations in any room and show those who visit your home. Get this today for yourself and for your friends who want to add more decoration to their homes. When choosing your house decorations, it’s always considered a touchdown when something is both fashionable and functional. Decorating items are: Light 5 Cup Log With Stand, Bowl with 2 Birds, Balli Spoon, Balli Bowl Fork, Musician with Saxophone, Fish Skeleton, Musician with Microphone, Musician with Guitar, Bottled Printed, Rooster, Man in a Log, School Of Fish in a Log and sold separately. 041b061a72


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