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Movie Poster Bottom Text Download Free

End your trailer with authentic billing block text. Video Copilot offers the free font Credit Block with both a TFF font file and black-and-white PSD files. You can add all of your credit information and job positions. You can download the Credit Block Font on

movie poster bottom text download free

Start your trailer with a custom movie rating. With this free Trailer Rating Photoshop Template from PremiumBeat, you can instantly add any film rating (or spoof rating) to your trailer.

Ready to get started with these free Photoshop templates? Click the download link below to get both project files. First you will need to unzip the PremiumBeat Movie Template folder. Open the folder you and will see the two .psd files.

For me, movie poster design and cutting a trailer are really the last two things I can do to extend the life of my short as its fate is judged by strangers in far-off cities around the world. While the search for an artist can be difficult (it took me about two months to finally nail down a partner), the process itself can be very quick if you have an idea in mind that you're able to easily communicate. It's even better if you can familiarize yourself a little with Photoshop and are able to mock-up a terrible design that the artist can then improve.

Coming up with movie poster ideas is probably the most challenging part, but I had been sitting on a sample for our movie poster design for three or four years already. I'd been using it as a way to build up an aesthetic for potential backers while crowdfunding and as an entry point for my own crew into the world we were trying to create. You can see it in the background of the Kickstarter video I created, next to the dude in a tuxedo standing with an electric razor in his hand. Or below.

One thing that wasn't so clear, however, was how we would get that super professional looking credits block at the bottom of the one sheet. Our movie poster design wasn't yet complete. Thank God we have the internet because, after about an hour of experimentation with different Photoshop templates, I found one that works really well and wanted to share it here. I found an article by the aptly named "" whose apparently "nuts about Adobe". What makes this template so great is that it effectively has a different key for each credit designation, such as, "EDITED BY" "MUSIC BY", etc.

When you download the template for the movie poster design, the zip file contains a map to these designations, the font, which can be substituted for another ultra condensed typeface if you'd like. Popular poster typefaces include Bee, Univers Thin UltraCondensed, Tall Skinny Condensed, and Triple Condensed Gothic. You can switch between regular letters and credit designations by simply using lower case for credits and upper case for names.

Another thing to take into consideration for your movie poster design is what visual artists call the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is used in visual arts such as photography, art and design that divides an image into nine equal sections- two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines. It is believed that following the rule of thirds is more effective in creating energy and interest to an image and placing the subject of the image within the nine sections than just typically centering the subject.

This is a lot less complicated than it sounds. My artist and I abided by this rule by splitting it up into three simple sections for the eye, the title at the top, the image in the middle, and the credits block at the bottom should be enough. We had a lot of fun with the movie poster design and so we decided to go ahead and come up with a few more movie poster ideas to make an alternate as well, using the same process. Here's the terrible mockup I sent her.

Nope, sorry. Just as an audience judges a book by its cover, audiences definitely judge a movie by its poster. That's why, when you're an independent filmmaker one of the 1st items you should create is your movie's poster. Why?

Because audiences judge a movie by its poster, they can provide you with valuable feedback prior to making your movie. If your poster doesn't strike a chord with them - and your poster visually represents your movie - then how is your movie going to strike a chord with them?

American International Pictures used to release their posters first, prior to scripting or production so they could determine where to spend their money. We used a similar methodology when I worked at York Entertainment. We would create titles and posters first, and gauge reaction from our international and domestic DVD and TV buyers. We ended up making 2/3rds of our proposed productions because they were already paid for upfront. The rest we filed away as the market wasn't looking for those types of movies from us.

Read on to discover our edit of the best InDesign and Photoshop movie poster templates from our partner, Envato Elements. Plus find a free InDesign poster template to help you create a stylish film poster on a tight budget.

A free typographic poster template from InDesignSkills, this easy to edit InDesign poster template provides a stylish foundation for creating your own movie poster template. This FREE poster template will help you to advertise your movie with high-impact style.

With several movie design template ideas to choose from, all you need to do is select your favourite design, enter your chosen text into the movie poster template, customise your design with available fonts, colours, graphics, etc., and Placeit will generate a great movie poster for you.

Keep your stars at the centre of attention with the Fashionist movie poster template. Add in your hero shots and edit the text that sits over them. It's a unique layout that can work as a teaser poster design.

Double exposures look stunning in the world of art and photography. This movie design template adopts the technique for its layout. It features bold text and plenty of space to add credits. Try it if you've been hunting a drama poster design template.

Rainy Desert is a cool movie poster template PSD that gives you the chance to experiment. The text and graphics are completely customizable, so they can fit your film project. Its organized layers also help you make edits without affecting the overall design. If you're stuck along the way, just check out the included help file.

Last Soldier is ideal for an action or drama poster design template. It has a gritty and textured feel that adds a layer of intrigue to the layout. Like other film design poster templates on this list, Last Soldier can be customized. All it takes is a few clicks to take on this look.

Have you been thinking about going the vintage sci-fi movie poster route while looking for a template? Then here is one of your best choices. It adds its own modern twists to the classic layouts from movies like Alien. Your thriller movie poster design will look amazing when applied to this template.

The End is just the beginning with this Photoshop movie poster template. It's perfect for an action film and it's really easy to customize. You can change the image, colours, and text in this movie poster template Photoshop download.

There's something in the water... and it looks like a thriller movie poster design. The Island is another Illustrator and Photoshop movie poster template from Envato Elements. It features resizable vector graphics and editable text and colours. It's a cool option for a movie cover template.

We return to the sci-fi world with this movie poster template for Photoshop. Here you'll get a well-organized PSD file in A4 size. Editing is easy, but if you have trouble, you can check the included help file. Most free movie poster templates can't offer the same level of detail and care as this choice.

Whether it's for a gritty action movie or a suspenseful thriller film, The Storm is a top movie poster design. All the included text and graphics can be edited, so you have plenty of room to experiment. Customization is easy too, and the help document makes that process even easier.

The action-packed Bloody Battle movie poster credits template is worth checking out. It offers some nice image composites found on many big-budget action movie posters. This movie design template uses free fonts, editable text boxes, and an organized PSD.

This sci-fi movie cover template has a futuristic vibe, but it still pays homage to classic posters. Its vibrant colours line up with the space theme, but the final result can be customized by you. Try it if you want a movie poster template in Photoshop that you can leave your creative mark on.

Here's a Photoshop movie poster template that feels adventurous. The well-organized PSD file lets you drop in your hero image front and centre in the layout. You can also change the colours in this design in just a few clicks.

Create a fresh teaser poster design with this download. It features a well-organized movie poster template PSD that you can customize without a headache. Road to City is also print-ready, so you can get your new design out into the world with no fuss. It's hard finding a free movie poster template that can say all of that.

This is a subdued movie cover template that's perfect for a movie night. You can customize the text, image, and colour here. If you want a minimal poster film template, don't count this Illustrator option out.

Are you hosting a movie festival? Promote it well with this movie festival cover template. It's a simple design that's all about clear communication while looking good. Not a bad way to round out our film poster design templates from Envato Elements, is it?

Westerns are such a perennial favourite. Who can forget contemporary classics like Django, The Revenant, and No Country for Old Men? Instead of using an image, as the posters for those movies do, the Old Western Movie Poster Design Template uses illustration instead. In doing so, it presents a simple and easily identifiable image of the gunslinger as lone wolf.

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