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Where To Buy Linen Sheets [PORTABLE]

You should always check the manufacturer's care instructions before cleaning any type of bedding. In most cases, linen sheets can be washed in a standard washing machine on a normal or delicate cycle with cold or warm water.

where to buy linen sheets

"After washing, take them out and smooth them out, especially the cuffs, before drying," says Baker. "Then dry them on a low or medium heat, and take them out right when they are dry." Baker says to avoid over-drying your sheets, to prevent a "crunchy" feeling.

Compared to typical cotton sheets, linen tends to have a thicker and heavier weight to them. That allows them to provide insulation and warmth during the colder months. They also are naturally temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, so they can also be suitable for the summertime as they can prevent overheating. While the weight and breathability can vary from brand to brand, linen sheets are a great pick for year-round use.

In preparing this guide we spoke with Shannon Maher, a former product designer for The Company Store and currently an assistant professor in the Home Products Development at the Fashion Institute of Technology. For insider perspective on what makes great linen, we spoke with Hank Patterson, owner of the luxury linen towel company Deck Towel. After testing and deciding on our top sets, we learned how they were made and how to care for them by speaking to a representative from each brand: Tricia Rose, owner of Rough Linen; Taylor Batlin, brand director at Bella Notte; and Shannon Bean, a customer service representative at Cultiver.

While cotton sheets can feel either crisp and cool (in the case of percale) or silky and warm (as with sateen), linen has an airy feel but the fabric also has some weight to it (like a very light blanket). The texture grabs onto your body and keeps it in place.

Relatively affordable: Linen sheets are a luxury item, so you should expect to pay more for them. Many of the best-rated sets range from $250 to roughly $450 for a queen. We focused on sets in the $250 range for our original 2016 review. We considered sets that cost up to $800 for our 2018 update. We wanted to see if more expensive sheets were more durable.

Available by the piece: Because of the durability issues with linen sheets, we think purchasing by the piece is best. This allows you to easily replace pieces or to slowly build a set, depending on your budget. You can also mix and match your sheets, as several Wirecutter staffers do, using a linen top sheet and pillowcases paired with a more durable, less expensive percale bottom sheet (such as our favorite from L.L.Bean).

We ordered fabric samples or pillowcases of the 21 sets we were interested in trying. We washed and dried these five times to get rid of softeners or other treatments that might mask the true texture of the fabrics. We rubbed the samples between our hands and against our cheeks (a common test for determining fabric softness), eliminating samples we thought were too rough or heavy to make comfortable sheets, or those that showed signs of thinning. Based on these initial tests, we brought in five sets for sleep testing.

We washed these sets five times and slept on each for a minimum of two nights, paying close attention to how the sheets felt against our skin and the edge finishes on the sheets. Because each brand sent us a different size, we tried the sheets for fit on double-, queen-, and king-size beds (all with foam mattresses ranging from seven to roughly 10 inches thick).

Like Cultiver, Rough Linen does not offer a warranty, and it offers only a 30-day return window for unused, unwashed items. (As mentioned above, this 30-day window has been extended to 60 days during the Covid-19 pandemic.) If you want to inspect the fabric before purchasing sheets, order a free sample card. (You will be charged a shipping fee.)

If your sheets are really wrinkled out of the dryer, Rose recommends dampening them slightly and letting them air dry. In our experience, air-dried linen feels rougher and stiff. We prefer the more supple feel of linen dried in a dryer.

Libeco Santiago Sheets: The sample we tried felt cool, crisp, and sturdy, but more textured than the full sets we opted to test. We think some people may find these sheets too rough. This brand has a very good reputation among linen lovers, so if you want sheets with more texture these may be a good match for you.

L.L.Bean Sunwashed Linen Sheet Collection: The pillowcase we tested felt very thin, the weave felt loose, and after five washes we could start to see through the pillowcase in sections. We found these sheets were in the middle of the pack for softness.

Matteo Vintage Linen: We were hoping to like this set, given the lovely color selection and that you can purchase by the piece. But we found the fabric very scratchy, and it was one of the least pleasant of the linen samples we tried.

Hawkins New York Stonewashed Linen Bedding: We were drawn to these sheets when we saw them on Food52, but the pillowcase we tried felt very rough and after five washes it wrinkled a lot. This was our least favorite of the samples we tried for 2018.

Restoration Hardware Stonewashed Belgian Linen Sheet Set: We liked this set when we tested it in 2016, but we were concerned about its durability. We read complaints on Apartment Therapy and in one Reddit thread about the sheets quickly wearing thin. Two Wirecutter staffers owned this set and experienced the same issue, one within a year and the other within four years after purchase.

At, we personally test every sheet set featured in our product reviews and guides. Our hands-on approach allows us to evaluate sheets using different performance factors, and provide our readers with accurate, data-based recommendations.

Linen is a popular bedding material for several reasons. Made from fibers of the flax plant, linen offers natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties, making it ideal for warmer temperatures. Linen can also be quite durable. While the fabric has an initially crisp feel, it will gradually soften with subsequent washes and holds up very well with minimal pilling. Unlike other bedding materials, linen is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dirt. It is eco-friendly, as well, since flax requires very little irrigation and linen processing expends a low amount of energy.

Below, you'll find our top eight picks for the best luxury linen sheets and pillowcases sold today. We've made these selections after reading reviews from verified owners and testing them firsthand. This guide also discusses how linen bedding is produced, what these items feel like, how much they cost, and where you can find them. Read on to learn more.

The Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set is made from fine washed linen that has a soft feel. Derived from Belgian and French flax, the linen is also quite durable and should hold up well over time. The Linen Sheet Set is also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, including some limited edition shades.

The price-point for the Linen Core Sheet Set is quite reasonable compared to other linen collections. Additionally, Brooklinen offers a 1-year trial period for testing out the sheets and pillowcases to determine if they are right for you. Shipping and returns are free, as well.

The linen is derived from Belgian flax that's been grown without chemical pesticides or GMOs. A 6-inch hemline defines the flat sheet and pillowcases, adding a touch of luxe styling to the design. You can choose from three neutral colors. The set is also available in six sizes, including a split king with two fitted sheets and a king size with standard pillowcases.

The Linen Sheet Set is competitively priced and standard ground shipping is free for all domestic U.S. orders. Boll & Branch permits returns within 30 days of the delivery date, provided all sheets and pillowcases are in their original condition with tags intact.

The Quince Belgian Linen Sheet Set is well-priced, soft, and comfortable. The sheets are woven from 100% Belgian flax and designed to get softer over time. Quince crafts its linen sheets according to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices, including fair wages for factory workers. Conscious shoppers can find pricing and materials sourcing information readily available on the manufacturer's website.

This linen set has a weight of 150 grams per square meter, making it a mid-weight sheet set that's appropriate for all-season use. In addition to its soft hand-feel, the Belgian linen is designed to breathe as well as insulate. The set is pre-washed so that your sheets are soft the first time you use them.

Silk & Snow is transparent in how and where its sheets are manufactured. Eco-conscious and ethically minded shoppers can get a thorough sense of how their sheets were crafted. The Flax Linen Sheets have a competitive price-point that will appeal to value seekers, especially considering their top-notch quality. However, shoppers should note that the package does not include a top sheet, though one can easily be added on at checkout.

The corner pockets stretch to fit mattresses up to 15 inches tall, making these sheets compatible with most standard bed profiles. Shoppers can choose from 10 available colorways that include earth tones and neutrals. You can launder your sheets at home and should use dryer balls for best results.

Parachute is known for its high-quality bedding, and its Linen Sheet Set is no exception. The sheets couple the natural cooling properties of European flax linen with a lightweight feel, making it an excellent choice for hot sleepers. They are also garment-washed to provide a softer feel from the first use.

Buyers can choose from four earthy, neutral colors for their set. Each item is fully machine washable. To clean the bedding, simply machine wash in a cool, gentle cycle with mild detergent and tumble dry on a low setting. To minimize wrinkling, be sure to remove the sheets and pillowcases from your dryer as soon as the cycle is complete. 041b061a72


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