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Note 5 Cases Best Buy

Fortunately, you've got plenty of options in the search for the best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases, with many of our picks offering streamlined designs that don't add much bulk to Samsung's largest S22 model. Best of all, these cases are pretty affordable, with plenty of options for $50 and less.

note 5 cases best buy


Price: With an original starting price of $1,199, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is expensive enough without spending big on compatible accessories. Some of the more rugged cases cost upward of $50, but you can find plenty of viable options under the $30 mark.

Build materials: From silicone to aluminum to polycarbonate to rubber, look for a good drop rating to keep your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra protected. Some cases are only meant to withstand drops of a few feet high, while more hardcore competitors have a MIL-STD-810G-tested rating of 10 feet or more.

Environmental impact: We all need to tread much, much lighter when it comes to our collective effect on the environment, and if future-proofing planet Earth is on your to-do list, look for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases with various green initiatives; many brands use recycled plastics to get the job done, and every little bit helps.

When assessing the best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases, we rely on user reviews to point us toward cases that people are interested in hearing more about. We then look at the cases to see what they deliver in terms of drop protection, design and other features. We consider the materials the cases are made out of, as well as their price, relative to cases that boast similar features. We concentrate on known brands with trusted products, and we also try to provide a variety of different kinds of cases to appeal to different tasts.

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I suggest keeping an eye out for deals, bundled offers, discounts and trade-in values that bring the prices down by $300 or more. Both phones will have fluctuating prices throughout the holiday season -- check out CNET's guide to the best Black Friday phone deals. Samsung prices tend to fall as the months go on, so your chance of snagging a deal are high. Plus, a surprise recommendation at the end if you're not sold on using the S Pen stylus daily.

The Note 20's 3x optical to 30x AI-assisted zoom is still good as well, and better than the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (which has 2x optical zoom), but image quality at 30x was better on the Ultra than on the regular Note 20. Most of the time the Note 20 will fulfill your photographic needs. But when I took them both to the moody Northern California coast, many of my nature shots were simply better on the Ultra and I stopped reaching for the note 20 altogether.

Most people will be happier with the cheaper Note 20 over the Ultra, but again, I think Samsung has overcharged for both phones at their full retail price, and I find the Note 20's $1,000 price tag for what is essentially a plastic phone cheeky at best and insulting at worst.

Here's another alternative within the Samsung cosmos. The newer Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) is a middle way. It merges some of the Ultra's best features with the Note 20's cost-cutting trade-offs, bringing you a 6.5-inch display with a fast 120Hz refresh rate, a big 4,500-mAh battery, 3x optical zoom and a rear plastic backing. There's expandable storage, too, and of course, support for 5G data speeds.

The main drawback here is the price. At $79, this case is not even close to the most affordable cases out there. That said, buying the case straight from Apple can give you peace of mind about fit and functionality -- and can streamline the process, since you can purchase it as you buy your iPad Air.

On a positive note, the Timovo Slim Stand Protective Cover boasts many color options, along with pattern options so you can choose the perfect style for you. These colors all apply to the front cover, but the back of the case is translucent (so people can easily spot that Apple logo).

While all of these cases can serve as a stand for viewing your iPad Air in landscape orientation, you might need -- or want -- to view it in portrait orientation. With the VersaCase, you can do both.

It's similar to other cases in that the cover is magnetic, but this one can do more. The magnet of the VersaCover is so strong that you can use it to "hang" your iPad Air on a vertical surface, whether that's the whiteboard at your office or your kitchen fridge.

Also like a lot of these other magnetic flip-cover cases, the VersaCover has limited drop protection. It does, however, have a little flap to go over your Apple Pencil to keep it in place while in transport.

This cover blends a lot of the key features of other cases -- like a magnetic closure, automatic wake-sleep, and a foldable cover for multiple stand options -- with some new perks. For starters, the back of the case is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which means it absorbs shock. If you drop your iPad Air in this case, it will offer a level of protection. Plus, the TPU portion offers a slot for your Apple Pencil, so you'll get a safeguard for it, too.

The best iPad Air case is Apple's Smart Folio. It's sure to fit your iPad well, and with its tri-fold design, you can adjust the iPad in a variety of standing configurations. Here's a look at how each of the best iPad Air cases compare on price and special features:

From there, though, you'll see that a lot of the covers function fairly similarly. We've got multiple choices with magnetic covers, auto wake-sleep functionality, and versatile kickstand configurations. To a large extent, finding the ideal cover comes down to identifying which one you like the look and features of best.

The trick here is confirming that you're buying a case designed to fit the generation of iPad Air that you've purchased. If you bought the 2020 4th Generation Air, it will fit cases for the 2022 5th Generation iPad Air and vice versa. Both the 4th and 5th Gen iPad Airs have the same dimensions and the same button and camera placements.

None of the cases we've discussed here will make it safe to dunk your iPad Air. What's more, you'll be hard-pressed to find a reputable waterproof iPad Air case on the market today, especially for 4th and 5th Gen tablets.

Long story short, more iPad Air cases come to market all the time. Fortunately, the cases and covers we listed here don't have to be price-prohibitive. You could absolutely buy one of the more affordable options now, then upgrade as iPad Air protection technology advances.

Desktop PC builders often overlook the importance of choosing the best PC case for their next system. Or they kick the decision down the road until the very end of the part-picking process. They might first decide on the CPU and graphics card that best fits their needs and budget, then move on to choosing a motherboard and storage.

We aren't sure who asked for a PC case that mixed mid-century modern design (wooden slats and all) and high airflow, but we sure are glad that Fractal Design answered with the excellent North mid-tower. Available with either a mesh side (as we tested) or tempered glass, and in white with chrome accents on the IO and feet, or black with some seriously pretty brass, this is arguably the prettiest PC case ever produced, period. And thanks to its pair of 140mm fans and an included side bracket (for the mesh model) that can hold another pair of 140mm fans (not included), the North has excellent thermals as well. Just note that it can get noisy when delivering those temps. The glass side panel may help a bit on the noise front, but likely at the cost of at least some thermal performance.If you don't like the case's looks, then the company's Meshify 2 Compact (below), is probably a better option for you. But if you're after a case that matches the pretty furniture in your living room, has lots of room for storage, and won't break the bank at $130, nothing else comes close to the North. We hope Fractal's bold move inspires other case makers to try something different.

Whether you're buying one of the best PC cases on our list above or a different product, you may find some savings by checking out the latest Corsair coupon codes, Newegg promo codes or Micro Center coupon codes.

The OtterBox brand is one of the most renowned names in mobile device cases and device protection and has built up a rock solid reputation that has protected millions of devices over the years. This has earned them countless accolades and awards over the years for their products and company culture.

The Otter Box line of cases for the Note5 are nothing short of a great source for protecting your device and investment. The level of protection that the line of cases gives the user helps protect their investment and helps prevent damage to their device. With 3 different levels of protection we would recommended the Otter Box line of cases to protect your device and its contents. 041b061a72

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