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Roxo He ArtesFilme 2022 Extra Quality

In this cycle, rabies transmission has two forms: one by blood-feeding bats of D. rotundus species, and the other by indirect contact between infected bats and domestic animals or humans. The first had already caused two major outbreaks of human rabies in Brazil from 2004 to 2005 in Pará and Maranhão, and again in Pará in 2018 (Brasil, 2022). The second may occur indirectly when infected bats are hunted in mid-flight by cats or found lying on the ground while still alive by domestic animals or people. In this way, the bats may bite their captors as a form of defense, thereby transmitting the virus. Thus, domestic animals, including dogs and cats, may become infected; such animals often do not have the immunological ability to respond to the infection because of the absence of a recent vaccination and may then transmit the virus to their owner.

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